Scalp Trading With Renko and Minute Charts Using Trade Scalper Software

Hello traders, what you see here are two charts, but using the same software. It’s the trade scalper software on two different charts on the right side is a one-minute chart, and on the left side is a Renko chart and a 10 Renko chart. So I’ve gotten a lot of questions on what type of charts we can use with the trade scalper software, and you can use tick, charts volume, charts, rank charts, and minute charts, which is what I’m using here primarily.

>> $100 per contract in less than a minute using Renko & Minute charts <<

Now before we begin to remember that trading Is risky, please don’t trade with funds you can’t afford to lose understand there are risks involved with trading,

So the idea here is to see if we have, as you see, a short 37, 61; I want to go short. I want to sell the market at this price of 37, 61, but if the 10 Renko chart gives us a short before that, or even if it gives me a long, which is conflicting, then I’m not going to take the trade. So I’m looking for either another short on the Renko chart and then let’s jump in, or I’ll take the one minute. It’s the only signal I have here at the moment. 37, 61.

So that’s what I’m going to do It’ll be nice to see, though, on the Renko chart also coinciding to go short, so I’m going to go short here at 37, 61. I want a two-point: profit Target, which is eight ticks, which would be about a hundred dollars per contract. So if you have one contract, it’s a hundred dollars; If you have two contracts, it’s 200, if you have five contracts, it would be five hundred dollars, so this happened faster than I anticipated. Let me show you here the entries at 37, 61.

I got filled at 37, 60, 50, and on the Renko chart as well, the same thing, so you can see that it was a very fast trade to go short on this trade scalper signal now; if you’re using other methods, your methods to filter trades. That’s great; if you have the atlas line or are part of the mentorship program, you have all the software in one package. So call us if you’re interested in the trade scalper or the accelerated mentorship with lifetime licenses. Let’s ensure that the trade scalper or whatever type of trading you’re interested in, especially price action, is right for you.

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