Live Webinar: Understanding Market Movement

Thank you all for attending! By request, here is Part 1 of the live webinar recorded today, May 18…

Topics discussed in this first part:

  • What is price action – knowing “why” you trade how you trade is important. Knowing provides a certain confidence.
  • How to create a Free Member account and learn the ABC Method
  • A review of the Atlas Line signals and suggestions for the day
  • The Atlas Line’s Pullback (P) and Strength (S) signals
  • Adjusting to trading conditions: why fixed stop-losses are unwise, how the ATR can be used for profit target and stop loss
  • A review of ABC setup over multiple days and how it can be used to identify breakouts in the B and C sessions for trending days, i.e., +8 points in one afternoon example
  • Accelerated Mentorship includes all methods with Lifetime licenses, a video library, and live training

And for the second part…

Topics discussed in this second part:

  • What the Blueprint system does, recent signals, the idea behind it in relation to intraday and swing trading, support and resistance, and how the signals work
  • The popular Trade Scalper system, recent signals, how there is no perfect trading system (risk is always involved), how to handle various scenarios, volatility, etc.
  • Combining multiple systems, such as the Trade Scalper and Atlas Line
  • Other markets such as the NQ (Nasdaq)
  • Further benefits of the all-inclusive Accelerated Mentorship program

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