$1T Infrastructure Bill: Did You Ask Yourself These Questions?

If you’ve looked at the news today, you probably saw the U.S. Senate passed the $1T Infrastructure Bill. That’s a lot of money involving many promises.

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Now, let’s try to put all the politics aside and ask a few questions:

  • Are the big players and politicians will enrich themselves further as the contracts go to companies they have invested in?
  • Any money going to special interest groups or political donors?
  • Any signs of corruption or insider trading?
  • Do we have the money to pay for it? If not, where is the money coming from? Will this spending drive down the dollar? Inflation? Time to short the USD?

…These are not red/blue questions.

Sometimes, it’s worthwhile to consider how the wealthy may be able to enrich themselves (while also building/repairing stuff) regardless of party label and look at the bigger picture – see how the system is set up without considering labels.

Well, on the plus side, maybe there will be some opportunities for people who have been unemployed for some time – hopefully decent paying jobs, real infrastructure improvements, and safety repairs to those places that sorely need it.

As a trading educator for many years, I know first-hand that it’s important to ask questions. Asking students questions is one of the best ways to teach them how to think rather than what to think. That really can’t be understated and that’s why I asked you those questions above.

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