Atlas Line Performance on May 17, 2012

Ever miss a trade due to contemplation or a busy schedule? John was conducting a webinar at Tradersworld and missed a Short opportunity on the ES as indicated by the Atlas Line software. While he waits for another trade to set up, he reviews ES activity for the two prior days. Again, many excellent setups were identified, as the Atlas Line is used by traders the world over for confirming entries on a daily basis. At about 4:30 into the video, John enters a live Pullback trade going Short with a profit target of 1.25 points. Profit is reached. The video concludes with a live Strength trade earning another point of profit. Again, if you had taken the original Short when advised and the additional Strength and Pullbacks, you would have had a nice profit. The automated Atlas Line software is entirely based on price action. Being a consistent day trader is easy when using reliable tools.


  • Jim says:

    Showed up for the girl, stayed for the solid advice. Thank you John.

  • babe says:

    can we see a video with this girl as the presentor?

  • garfield says:

    atlas line is one of the most unique and amazing day trading methods i’ve seen yet… very impressive and i like that it trades all markets. will wait for a promotion to get the lifetime license.

  • John Paul says:

    Nate is one of the team, i can’t replace him.

  • mark says:

    hot girl, did you replace nate? lol
    you guys are awesome, excellent day trading methods.

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