NinjaTrader 7 Atlas Line Price Action Trading

Busy, busy, busy here at DayTradetoWin with the Atlas Line™ now available for NinjaTrader 7. Here are a few E-Mini S&P charts for September 10 as posted on Flickr and

E-Mini S&P September 10, 2010

E-Mini S&P September 10, 2010 (overnight trading)

Euro Currency September 10, 2010

Customers who are interested in receiving the NinjaTrader 7 compatible Atlas Line™ may receive the update for free by contacting [email protected]

Price Action Trading Lessons to Use Daily

Below, find 50 minutes of helpful price action trading advice from John Paul as presented in a new NinjaTrader webinar. The Atlas Line™ is an innovate technique for scalping, day trading and trend following using an algebraic trend line approach. Using the Atlas Line™ short and long entry signals, traders know when and how to take trades in advance.

[flv: 550 309]

Download the full video here: [smartcounter:3]

A couple of points regarding price action trading:

  • Everything you ever need is being played out as you see it on the chart.
  • Have a blueprint / strategic plan to execute the trades is essential. Don’t trade without having one.
  • Trading price action is how professional traders do it. Nothing else matters.

Quit picking the tops and bottoms of price and let the Atlas Line™ tell you what they really are!
Find out more.

Consistent Atlas Line E-Mini S&P Profits

Price action trading using the Atlas Line™ has been very rewarding the last few days. Each day, E-Mini S&P Atlas Line™ traders were able to bring in two points minimum.

Remember to click on each image for a bigger version.

August 31, 2010

September 1, 2010

September 2, 2010

Six-month Atlas Line™ licenses are $599. In a few days (like those above), you can make your money back easily.

How to Trade Price Action Video

John Paul presents “Price Action Trading Methods to Use Daily” in this 37 minute webinar recorded on August 18, 2010. This is a must-watch as John clearly explains price action trading using slides and the day’s trades on NinjaTrader charts. Also, there are coupon codes for Atlas Line™ discounts – but you’ll have to watch the whole thing so you won’t miss them!

[flv: 550 309]

Download the full video here: [smartcounter:1]

The video covers the following:

  • Price action – how to trade it
  • Indicators vs. price action – clearly explained
  • The day’s trades – market performance
  • Filter trades – learning how to
  • Atlas Line™ trading tool used for success

Additionally, you can now take the first step to become a trader by attending a single Private Mentorship lesson. Visit for details on how to purchase a single lesson where you can learn one of DayTradeToWin’s 11 methods of price action trading.

Automated E-Mini S&P Atlas Line Trading Signals

How many traders would have expected price to continue plummeting at 9:50 a.m.? Well, unless you were using the Atlas Line™, you may have experienced quite a loss. Two long signals were given at around 9:45 a.m. letting Atlas Line™ users know that price would climb. In the picture below, you can see how price seemingly bounced off the Atlas Line™ and remained long all day.


If you’re having difficult staying on the correct side of the trade, consider your losses versus how much you can gain with the Atlas Line™. It’s time to take the guesswork out of trading!

Atlas Line Webinar Video Full Download

In case you missed the highly informative Atlas Line price action trading webinar recorded on July 29, 2010, here you go:

Part 1 of 9
Part 2 of 9
Part 3 of 9
Part 4 of 9
Part 5 of 9
Part 6 of 9
Part 7 of 9
Part 8 of 9
Part 9 of 9

Atlas Line Coupon Codes

For a limited time, the following discount codes will work for 10% when purchasing the Atlas Line™:

  • 10% discount towards the 6-Month license, reducing the price by $60 from $599 to $539 = ATLAS60OFF
  • 10% discount towards the LIFETIME license, reducing the price by $180 from $1800 to $1620 = ATLAS180OFF

Note: remember to type these coupons exactly as they are, with no added white spaces before or after. Copy and paste them for your convenience.

August 13, 2010

All customers receive a free, private Atlas Line webinar where John Paul explains how to use the Atlas Line with TradeState or NinjaTrader. His instruction explains configuration of the software and how to use the Atlas Line for price action trading.

Trading Interview – Methods Revealed

Last week, John Paul was interviewed by Tim Bourquin at Trader Interviews where he shared a few price action strategies you don’t want to miss!

The interview was conducted on July 30, 2010 and has been very popular with questions arriving from day traders everywhere:

Audio Interview -

Take the time to listen; it will be worth your while!

Trading Price Action vs. Indicators (Round 1)

Have you tried a ton of indicators without consistently making profit? If so, find out the mistakes you’re making and how price action can improve your trading:

Trading Price Action vs. Indicators (Round 1)

What’s better? What works? Two methods of trading are compared: indicator-based chart trading versus pure price action.

DayTradeToWin Private Mentorship

Price action trading:

  • Is free – a trader does not need to extra software. Candles, bars, dots or any other chart price symbol will provide ample information for price action traders.
  • Can be used on any market at any time under any circumstances (E-Mini S&P, Forex, stocks, other commodities, futures and currencies).
  • Can be used with any trading software (NinjaTrader, TradeStation, MetaStock, etc.).
  • Is fast – price lag is irrelevant, old data will not obstruct your trading.
  • Is versatile – price action trading methods can be combined for a coherent trading system that is free of conflicting data.
  • Must take time to learn, and understand how to trade it. Education is needed to master the methods and practice is key. The Cost is not cheap and is compared to a semester in college.

Indicator-based trading:

  • Is not free – most indicators are commercial.
  • Lags behind price – data based on the past is unlikely to be of assistance in the present and the future in an ever-changing market. Until data can be transferred instantaneously across any distance, this will be a consistent outcome.
  • Often produces conflicting signals and hesitation of when and how to perform trades.
  • Compatibility is dependent upon the indicator’s programming; only certain markets and / or trading software may be supported.
  • Subject to the law of overuse – the more traders that use an indicator, the more a market will adapt “in retaliation” to its overuse, thus rendering it ineffective. Price action is free from such boundaries as it is based on watching the resulting changes in price.
  • Easy to use, and follow. A no brainer, nothing to think about and only following the signals is needed.

What type of trader would you like to be? The choice should be obvious – learn how to become a price action trader.

At The Open Emini Trading Chart August 2 2010

Last week’s Atlas Line charts as posted on Flickr and


August 2, 2010 another nice winning trade long using the At the Open method. The rest of the day was very slow and very hard to trade. Glad to be done early in the day.