Atlas Line Trading Tool

This video, revived to HD format, is one of the best we’ve done in terms of explaining how effective the Atlas Line™ is.

Where do you enter?
Where do you exit?
Which indicator to follow?
Where do you reverse?

All of these questions come to mind when dealing with day trading indicators. In this video, John Paul pushes aside confusing indicators and replaces them with the Atlas Line™. Using the Atlas Line™, the questions above are clearly answered at all times during trading.

As a trading tool, the Atlas Line™ is extremely easy to use:

Trade according the long and short signals that are provided automatically.
Go short when price is below the Atlas Line™, go long when price is above the Atlas Line™.

There really isn’t anything else you have to configure or be aware of other than these easy rules.

It’s the one tool you need for every commodity, stock, or even Forex!

E-Mini S&P December Contract

As predicted in an earlier post, this week has shaped up to be highly profitable for Atlas Line™ users.

E-Mini S&P Futures Contract Trading October 15, 2010

Three Bounce Short order signals were given in quick succession, combined with the Atlas Line™ intersecting price. Since the Atlas Line is an excellent filtering tool, this double confirmation technique is far superior to trading with standard indicators. If you considered the constant angle of the Atlas Line™ and the signal generated at 111.75, you would have had five points in your pocket, easily. With the holiday season approaching (and the end of 2010), the markets are becoming increasingly more volatile. Now is the time to learn how to use the Atlas Line™ so you can benefit from one of the best trading times of the year, the December contract.

Atlas Line Testimonial / Review

Nick, primarily a futures and Forex trader, uses the Atlas Line™ for its accurate signals and reliability. As an Atlas Line™ customer, he received a free live webinar with John Paul where he learned how to use the Atlas Line for daily profits. In the video, Nick is very complimentary regarding the level of customer support he received from the DayTradeToWin team. He also recommends the Atlas Line™ to anyone interested in improving their bottom line / results.

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Atlas Line E-Mini S&P, Euro, British Pound, etc. Charts

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E-Mini S&P Trading Improves This Week

Compared to last week’s E-Mini S&P lackluster volatility, this week is shaping up to be much more profitable. The stagnation of summer may in fact be over. There’s no better time to use the Atlas Line™. From October through the spring, the E-Mini S&P futures market is considerably more volatile than any other part of the year. This means profits.

E-Mini S&P October 5, 2010

For example, the above NinjaTrader chart shows a long entry signal (produced by the Atlas Line™) at 10:00 a.m. In addition to this advisement, the Atlas Line’s line was plotted below price, indicating that long trades should be taken. This one-two confirmation combo is deadly and can really improve your trading.

Find out more by visiting the Atlas Line page. John Paul has extended the 10% off Atlas Line™ discount until October 31, 2010 for people who like the DayTradeToWin page. Find the directions here.

Day Trade To Win Course Review (ATO)

Ken has been traiding for a couple of years. Before finding the day trading programs at Day Trade To Win, he experienced profits and losses; mostly losses. After purchasing the ATO (At The Open), he was having a bit of difficulty adapting his trading style to that of the course. He then called Day Trade To Win founder, John Paul, who explained the correct way to use the ATO method and software. Ever since (the last three weeks), Ken has been profitable trading.

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ATO / At the Open Back On Sale – Limited Time Only

At The Open Method Webinar – Sept. 28, 2010

E-Mini S&P charts of the last few days are reviewed in order to show how well the ATO (At The Open price action method) performed. John Paul answers questions from webinar attendees, some of which include the following:

  • How do you use the ATR (average true range) to your advantage?
  • How much profit do you go for?
  • How well does the ATO perform with the Euro?
  • How do you handle stop-outs?

The ATO let you know when to go Long and Short by plotting text near the corresponding candle setups. The ATO is best use when trying to receive profits within a couple of points.

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DayTradeToWin E-Mini Student Testimonial

Before finding Day Trade to Win, Nick tried everything from trading Bollinger Bands to using Parabolic SARs. In the video, he says how indicators are a waste of time and that he regrets not finding Day Trade to Win sooner.

After trading with the Atlas Line, At the Open Method and Scalping Course for several months, he is deep in profit territory, netting over six thousand dollars by trading one contract a couple hours a day on the E-Mini S&P. Nick plans to participate in the Private Mentorship Program, where he can learn 8 more proprietary, price action methods.

The best way to find out about the Mentorship Program is to visit or the page on this site. E-Mini Education offers Attend a Lesson, where you can walk away after having learned 1 of the 11 methods of trading Nick used to earn his profits.

NinjaTrader 7 Atlas Line Price Action Trading

Busy, busy, busy here at DayTradetoWin with the Atlas Line™ now available for NinjaTrader 7. Here are a few E-Mini S&P charts for September 10 as posted on Flickr and

E-Mini S&P September 10, 2010

E-Mini S&P September 10, 2010 (overnight trading)

Euro Currency September 10, 2010

Customers who are interested in receiving the NinjaTrader 7 compatible Atlas Line™ may receive the update for free by contacting [email protected]

Price Action Trading Lessons to Use Daily

Below, find 50 minutes of helpful price action trading advice from John Paul as presented in a new NinjaTrader webinar. The Atlas Line™ is an innovate technique for scalping, day trading and trend following using an algebraic trend line approach. Using the Atlas Line™ short and long entry signals, traders know when and how to take trades in advance.

[flv: 550 309]

Download the full video here: [smartcounter:3]

A couple of points regarding price action trading:

  • Everything you ever need is being played out as you see it on the chart.
  • Have a blueprint / strategic plan to execute the trades is essential. Don’t trade without having one.
  • Trading price action is how professional traders do it. Nothing else matters.

Quit picking the tops and bottoms of price and let the Atlas Line™ tell you what they really are!
Find out more.