S&P U.S. Credit Rating – News Event Tanks Markets

The S&P’s debt rating service projected a poor credit rating for the U.S. today. With this big news, the markets tanked. We pulled up a couple of charts to see how the Atlas Line performed for traders in two separate markets: the E-Mini S&P and Crude Light.

E-Mini S&P (ES) – April 18, 2011
The Atlas Line was spot on in the E-Mini S&P, advising two short orders. The first order was a Double Bar Short, the second, an Atlas Line Pullback Trade. In case you don’t know what a Pullback Trade is, John Paul teaches traders how to identify them in the webinar included with purchase.

Crude Light (CL) – April 18, 2011
Three winning trades. First, a Double Bar Short signal followed by two Pullback trades. When news about the U.S. comes out that is revered with such high importance, there’s a great effect on all markets. We recommend waiting until the news event volatility has subsided before using price action software like the Atlas Line.

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How to Find E-Mini S&P and Euro Trades Using the Atlas Line

It’s time to turn up the volume and open your mind as John Paul demonstrates two unbelievable trades. They’re so good, we’re letting the trades themselves do the talking.

At first, he does the unthinkable: going short right after three consecutive large green candles. Why? The Atlas Line said so. Price was headed toward the Atlas Line, indicating an Atlas Line pull back trade (at least two bars pulling back followed by one candle closing in the red). ORDER FILLED. This resulted in a nice 1 point winner based on only on price action and the Atlas Line.

Next, we had a crazy good time trading the Atlas Line on the Euro (6E) today. Plenty of opportunities for profit:

Trade 1Short – win for 5-6 ticks
Trade 2Short – win for 6-7 ticks
Trade 3Long – loss for 6-7 ticks
Trade 4Short – win for 6-7 ticks
Trade 5Long – win for 6-7 ticks
Trade 6Long – win for 4-5 ticks

Using the ATR, we knew when to get out. In total, this could have been a day of 32 ticks for Atlas Line traders. How well did you do today trading the Euro Currency?

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NinjaTrader 7.4 Atlas Line, ATO and Scalping Software Updates

Atlas Line, ATO and scalping customers – remember to contact us for a free software update to ensure compatibility with the latest version of NinjaTrader, 7.4.

Two Nice Short Atlas Line Signals Today on the E-Mini S&P
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Euro (6E) and Russel (TF) Atlas Line Results

We’ve been so busy at Day Trade To Win the last couple of weeks with webinar presentations, assisting new customers and our recent launch of the Power Price Action course that we’ve neglected to post some recent charts. Here are a few charts showing how the Atlas Line has been chugging away on two of our favorite markets, the Euro (6E) and Russel (TF), producing daily profits Atlas Line customers have come to expect.

Euro (6E) March 30, 2011
In this first chart, you can see how effective the ATR is in deciding when to exit a trade. Using the Average True Range with the Atlas Line is covered in the live training that’s included with purchase.

Russel (6E) March 30, 2011
This could have been a very frustrating day for traders who were not using the Atlas Line. Since we knew that price would climb (relating the position of price to the Atlas Line’s line), making a profit was very easy.

Tax Tips for Day Traders – Traders Accounting Webinar Video

In case you missed the presentation by Jim Crimmins of Traders Accounting given on March 23, be sure to watch the recording below. It contains money-saving tips that benefit traders and non-traders alike; very important this time of year (tax time).

Please click this image to view the webinar. Note that clicking this image will take you off-site to a page that requires registration.

In the presentation, Jim covers the following:

  • Trading as a sole proprietor
  • The IRS “special rules” surrounding “Traders Status”
  • The recent Frank Chen Tax Court Case, and what it means to all traders
  • The advantages and disadvantages of trading as a formalized business—what type trader would use a formal business?
  • Partnerships
  • LLCs
  • Corporations
  • Is there a cookie cutter approach to tax savings for a trader?
  • The taxation of 1256 contracts
  • The difference
  • What types of trading business would fit in this category
  • Mark to Market
  • A panacea or an empty promise for a trader?
  • Trading in a retirement account
  • What is the best way to approach this

Power Price Action Webinar Just a Few Hours Away

We’ve been getting a ton of e-mails asking about our Power Price Action DVD trading course. John Paul will be answering many of the questions we’ve been receiving and presenting on the following:

* What is Price Action? How do I trade it?
* Setting up your charts
* Trading news events
* Price Action tips every trader can use
* The A-B-C Pattern – best times for trading
* Power Price Action course details

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When: Tuesday, March 22, 2011 @ 7:00 PM EDT (U.S.)
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Our Price Action DVD-based video course contains over 6 hours of price action techniques, tips and other helpful footage for consistent profits. Whether you’re a Forex, Futures, Stocks, Options or Commodities trader, Power Price Action will improve your results through the 50+ page color training workbook and the INCLUDED 8 weeks of LIVE TRAINING – an industry first! Remember, price action can be traded on any platform – it doesn’t matter if you’re using MetaStock, NinjaTrader, eSignal, TradeStation, etc.

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Looking forward to answering your questions!

Here’s a Power Price Action video showing you how easy it is to make profits:

How to Enable 24 Hour Data (NinjaTrader) / Atlas Line Crude Oil Performance

The video below is a two-part video. The first part shows how the Crude Oil market was on fire today and how well the Atlas Line performed. The second part of the video shows you how to set up 24 hour data; a question that’s been repeatedly asked of John.

In part 1 – Atlas Line Says Go Long – Crude Oil (CL) Takes Off, John entered at $100.08 and the Atlas Line never bothered producing another signal. That’s because price was steadily climbing the rest of the morning. John Paul rewinds his chart to show how well the Atlas Line performed in the CL market yesterday. Yesterday’s CL trades were again spot on – a long trade followed by a short when price intersected the Atlas Line. It’s very difficult to find a trading method or software that can work across all markets. The Atlas Line is the exception to the rule.

In part 2 – How to Enabled 24 Hour Data (NinjaTrader), John shows traders how to go from pit session data to full 24 hour data. If you’re using the Atlas Line, you’ll need to enable 24 hour data. This 24 hour data tutorial is specific to NinjaTrader, but other software supported by the Atlas Line like eSignal and TradeStation of course offer full-day compatibility. NinjaTrader allows you to save a template so the 24 hour access is instantly applied.

2.5 Points on the E-Mini S&P Today (Video)

Using the Atlas Line™ in the E-Mini S&P, we knew to take a long trade at 1266.50 based on price trading above the line and the Dbl Bar Long signal. Based on the ATR, 2 to 2.5 points were possible. The first fill was at 1266.75. Watch the video to see what happens next (despite the morning news event).

Using the Atlas Line and ATR, you know three things:

  • Price direction
  • Where to place the entry
  • Where to place your stop
  • What your profit target should be (according to the ATR)

This is all taught in the live webinar taught by John Paul which is included with the trading software.

Yes, the Atlas Line is really this consistent.

SP500 Emini Day Trading Atlas Line long and short market orders

SP 500 Emini day trading today March 11 2011 with long and short orders gave plenty of
opportunity to grab a few points based on the current market conditions.
John Paul has created the following video showing how to trade the Eminisp 500

Don’t forget about rolling over to June contract in case you need to know when check out this video:
how to rollover to the next contract month

How To Roll Over Futures Contract – Today is the Day!

Just a reminder to adjust your charts because today is the rollover date for US Equity Index Futures. This applies to all E-Mini S&P traders, regardless of trading platform.

John Paul has created the following How-To Contract Roll Over Video for NinjaTrader Users

Here is the official guide for NinjaTrader 7: