Atlas Line trading November 1 2010 Recap

Trading the Atlas Line Recap for Nov 1st 2010.

The Atlas Line™ is a phenomenal tool to catch moves like this when the market reversed after the news event. I never trust the news reaction and look for conformation of the price before entering the trade. ATO (at the Open) also caught the move which was double nice. The 2nd trade on the Atlas Line™ is the pullback trade following the rules there was no reason why not to take it.


  • sammi the1 says:

    Finally bought the Atlas Line after I’ve been eyeing it for weeks, attended the free webinar with John and am loving it! Thanks John for calling me back those few times I had questions, I’m doing well now and won’t bother you no more 🙂

  • Jim Contant says:

    Hi John, I have been following you for quite sometime.Like the Atlas Line method.I learned from watching this video how you trade the News fade.It looks like you must see confirmation of the Atlas line to do a Short fade trade.I like this type of trade. Unfortunately John I havn’t been able to buy anything from you.This is because I am Long on Experience but Short on Money. Been tradin since 1997. Done about everything.We had a problem with the people who bought our Mobil Station in the year 2000. I can’t trade E-Minis right now but CAN trade the currencies.I have an IRA Forex converted account also. If I can possibly build back up, am small right now.I WILL buy something from you. I don’t believe in the indicators either. I do kinda like the Force because it is Price and Volume based.

    Jim C
    Jims TM

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