June 2018
Makes sense
Straight forward to the point logical market analysis with clear entry and exit targets that make...
C. R.
January 2018
I have tried a few other strategies from other sources and continue to find DTTW indicators to be the...
H. G.
December 2017
Interpret the market
One of the more important things I learned was how to interpret the market, for example how to...
C. J.
December 2017
Very happy
I'm very happy with the indicators. They are very easy to use....
C. Y.
December 2017
Over and beyond
I feel that John Paul is a good educator. He's able to break down the complex into simpler terms. He...
G. P.
November 2017
Made all my money back
I have had great success and made all my money back and then some....
Kim M.
October 2017
Good success
I have had very good success with the DayTradeToWin system....
Matthew L.
September 2017
Worth every penny
It really helps to read the market worth every penny. Thanks to John Paul for introducing the...
Pravin P.
August 2017
Price action
Great introduction to day trading price action based strategies!...
Jason H.
August 2017
Great Mentorship training
The price action software helps me to take better decisions....
Elizabeth V.
August 2017
Trade Scalper works
Strategy is clearly explained and concise, works very well....
Richard C.
August 2017
Very helpful
I have found your strategies very helpful. I trade in a more disciplined manner now....
John K.
July 2017
John Paul is an excellent coach
DayTradeToWin strategies are great. They are easy and uncomplicated and one does not need an over...
Heather W.
June 2017
Easy to use
I started with the At the Open software trading currencies. I enjoyed the training. Most methods I've...
Lorri V.
June 2017
Worth the investment
I recently started learning how to trade the E-mini S&P futures with Day Trade To Win and find the...
Tom T.
May 2017
Consistently in winning trades
I'm sorry I haven't wrote this earlier, but I would like to thank you and your staff for the...
Roger A.
May 2017
Very helpful
Started with Atlas Line on Ninjatrader 8, not 7, and was surprised with the support and training. I...
Jack P.
May 2017
The Trade Scalper is a very easy tool that helps you understand how and why to trade....
Carlos S.
May 2017
Recordings are helpful
I like the recorded lessons. When I Review them, I Always pick up something that I had missed during...
Mark B.
May 2017
Better than the rest
Thanks to Day Trade To Win for helping me understand what it takes to become a real trader. I've...