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Trade Scalper – Looking for Multiple Ticks

November 17, 2016
John Paul just finished a Trade Scalper training class. While doing the class, he noticed the Trade Scalper's Double Wick trades do not get talked about much publicly. These trades are a push the market provides based on two consecutive wicks. When scalping for small amounts, the stop loss needs to be proportionate to current market conditions. It's important to be highly accurate – stay away from the open and news events. In this trade, the tick is about three ticks.

Atlas Line – 8 Points, 3 Trades, All Price Action

November 14, 2016
During the live webinar, John Paul shared a couple of great Atlas Line trades. The first trade was worth 2.5 points (10 ticks). The second trade, appearing about 40 min. later, was for 3.5 points (14 ticks). The last trade occurred in the afternoon for 2 points (8 ticks). On the E-mini S&P, remember that each tick is worth $12.50, so therefore each point is worth $50. You can then multiply this by the number of contracts traded. This does not include broker fees.

Webinar – High Volatility & Staying Focused

November 14, 2016
Since the 2016 U.S. presidential election, market conditions have been consistently volatile. When markets are fast moving, it's tempting to both increase the profit target and the stop loss. However, doing so increases risk. Instead, John Paul discusses a few ways to carefully approach volatility. One way is to use the ATR to see if the market is simply too volatile. Another is to use the Atlas Line to see if the market is overbought or oversold.

Don't Take Every Trade You See

October 25, 2016
The Trade Scalper strategy is one of the most active trading methods we offer. On average, multiple trades appear every hour. In this video, five appear on the chart. A short signal has just occurred, but is it worth taking? The previous short signals were good. This trade is tempting. However, the ATR says the market is too slow and too risky, so John Paul stays away. It's important to stick to the rules even if you see a trade later reach profitable territory.

Live Webinar – Trading the Morning Session

October 21, 2016
John Paul discusses why he prefers trading the opening session. In short, this 2.5 hour time period is more volatile than the afternoon or evening. Volatile markets are less likely to chop back and forth, which makes for difficult trading. The ATR provides a measure of volatility. Ideal trading occurs when the ATR is between 1 and 5 points. Take a look at how the Atlas Line can provide signals ahead of moves instead of signaling after they're over.

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