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Live Winar – Unseen Price Action Patterns

July 31, 2017
This half-hour live webinar is jam-packed with examples as John Paul demystifies and demonstrates the January Effect. He discusses the advantages of a five-minute chart, how to spot the January Effect, how to recognize trends and cycles, using the Fibonacci tool to spot Jan. Effect entries, and how to handle these crazy summer trading conditions. This was one of our more popular webinars. A big thanks to everyone who attended. To learn more, check out the next eight-week Mentorship class.

Two-Point E-mini Winner Using Atlas Line

June 29, 2017
The Atlas Line often produces a signal within the first 30 minutes after market open. Once the line begins plotting, it checks if there's been two closing bars above or below the line. If so, a long or short signal is generated. It's then up to you to place the trade based on the rules. The included live training teaches you how to quickly determine the profit target and stop loss. For convenience, you can set up an ATM Strategy to define these values in advance. That way, they're placed for you.

ATO 2 & Atlas Line Confirm Direction

June 19, 2017
The ATO 2 and Atlas Line correctly called long trades soon after the market opened. I always feel better when multiple methods say the same thing. Later on, the Atlas Line Strength signals matched up with the ATO-C (Trade Chaser) signal. The Atlas Line works as a filter to validate other strategies. News events can disrupt normal market activity. Our free news indicator for NinjaTrader 8 plots planned events directly on your chart. It's best to stay out until this volatility subsides.

Fast ATO 2 Signal Worth 7 Ticks

June 13, 2017
The ATO 2 signal's entry price was 2432. Looking at the ATR, the profit target was 1.75 points (7 ticks). We keep the profit target realistic/dynamic based on volatility. If you're new to the E-mini, each tick (the smallest move up or down) is worth $12.50. To compute profit, multiply the $12.50 by the number of ticks (7 in this case) for a result of $87.50. If you're trading 10 contracts, multiply the profit by 10 for $875. Note this does not include broker fees, slippage, or anything else.

ATO 2, ABC, and Atlas Line Signals ine One Day

June 9, 2017
When multiple systems come together and agree on market direction, it's a beautiful thing. The day started with the Atlas Line Double Bar signal followed by Strength and Pullbacks in the same direction. The ATO agreed with the direction by providing a signal of its own. In the afternoon, the Atlas Line generated another signal worth about two points. Watch the video to see how the ATO and ABC also agreed with this signal. The Atlas Line can be used to indicate expected overall direction.
All trades should be considered hypothetical. No guarantees or claims of performance are offered. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Day trading is risky and may cause substantial financial loss. Individual performance may vary, as trading subjects your finances to new, unexpected market conditions. You are responsible for executing trades. Before trading, consult with a licensed broker and a financial expert see if day trading is suitable for you.

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