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E-mini Trading: Done by Noon

March 9, 2009
Here's a long trade at 682.25. We got filled. Let's see if it turns profitable. We have a large stop in place because of the volatility. We don't want to exit the trade prematurely. The stop is five points. We use only price action; no indicators. If you've tried volume, pivot, Elliot Waves, etc. in the past, we do things very different. Price will tell us if we should go long or short. We have a free ebook available that shows the first three chapters. The ATO (At the Open) method is what you see on the chart.

Accurate E-mini Trading System

March 5, 2009
We're expecting a Long or Short signal to appear. The signal appears at 705.25. John Paul places the sell limit order based on the ATO signal. Price was tagged to or three times. Let's see if it fills. Now that it's filled, we're looking for four points total for the day. We've split the trade into two two-point profit targets. There are many people doing the same trade according to the emails and Skypes received. Looks like there is some resistance. The profit target was hit on both trades. Accuracy and direction are important.

Futures Markets Exposed in ATO Method

March 2, 2009
We use a nice, clean chart and wait for price to set up and tell us where it wants to go. An ATO long signal appears at 739. Our site offers a free downloadable course that offers the first three chapters of our flagship E-mini trading strategy. What if we missed it by a tick? Not to worry. We can front-run the trade. Again, we're going for four points total. Some traders like to scalp the trade for a quick point. The full four is not always possible. However, making profit is certainly possible with futures markets.

Multiple Winning E-mini Trades Using Price Action

February 27, 2009
We had a short trade this morning at 746.50. We got filled. It was worth two points – didn't get to the four points. We're setting up now for another trade. Here's a long setup at 753. If we get filled, we're going for another two points. We're not going to chase this trade. There's nothing wrong with taking two points completely off the table. Let's see how it sets up. It's still before noon, so we're still good in terms of time. You can monitor the current profit and loss on the trade in between the MARKET text on the DOM.

Locking in Profit Using Smart Stop Losses

February 25, 2009
We're trading the E-mini S&P contract. We're selling at 746.50. We're using the price and time axis on the chart to help us find trades. That's what we call it price action. NinjaTrader is the trading platform in use. You can download it from ninjatrader.com. We use a large stop loss because of the volatility. Otherwise, we'd get stopped out early. Normally, one point is possible on the ATO method. The two point target is reached quickly. The stop on the second trade is set up to be break-even to protect the position.
All trades should be considered hypothetical. No guarantees or claims of performance are offered. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Day trading is risky and may cause substantial financial loss. Individual performance may vary, as trading subjects your finances to new, unexpected market conditions. You are responsible for executing trades. Before trading, consult with a licensed broker and a financial expert see if day trading is suitable for you.

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