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Market Direction, Reversals, & Entries

October 16, 2009
Using a 5-min NinjaTrader chart, John Paul makes the case for using his Atlas Line software. No customization for indicators is required. Entry signals are automatically provided by the software. The software "sees" price candles, performs a mathematical calculation internally, draws a line, and advises you on upcoming expected market moves. In the live training, you are taught how to place your profit target and stop losses. There's no magic. It's all objective and straightforward.

Forget Indicators & Trade Price Action

October 16, 2009
The E-mini S&P opens at 9:30 a.m. US/Eastern. A few minutes later, expect to see the Atlas Line. The angle is fixed as it grows throughout the day. Long trades are the rule when price is above. Short trades are used when price is below. If price cannot stay below the line, it's time to go long. Price crosses and goes back above, continuing higher. John Paul says Atlas Line trades knew to go long before everyone else did. Stay long and go long from the beginning from the day.

Long, Short, or Stay Out of the Market?

October 16, 2009
Imagine if you knew in advance where a trade may exist. You could get ready with the SuperDOM to place your trade. You would be confident that you may be able to reach your profit target objectively. Trading would be much easier. This is what the Atlas Line aims to provide. A five minute chart is a nice pace for traders who want regular action that's not too fast or slow. You can expect about two to four trades per day on average, but you don't need to take every one. Trade in the morning for best results.

E-mini Trading for 2 to 4 Points Daily

August 19, 2009
At DayTradeToWin.com, we only trade price and what price is telling us. All entries are based on how price moves. What is price action? It's making decision based on price movement. To get a taste of how we trade, we're offering the first three chapters of the ATO (At the Open) course for free. If you decide to purchase the full version, you'll learn the complete strategy. Take a look at the NinjaTrader SuperDOM to see John Paul openly trade the E-mini. He wants other traders to find similar success.

4 Points on E-mini S&P

August 16, 2009
John Paul enters short at 996.25. The first sell order of teh day occurred at 1004.75. Price hovering around the 1000 level may be volatile. In the minds of traders, there is symbolic meaning. If you followed the course exactly, you probably would have got in at a better price. Quickly, John Paul approaches his first profit target. Two points are hit. What about four points total? If there's any type of support hit, it's time to exit. You can always move the profit target closer to current price if the trade is not approaching rapidly.

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