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ATO 2 and Atlas Line Signals Today

August 2, 2018
As a follow-up to yesterday's video, here's a look at how the ATO 2 and Atlas Line again generated complementary signals. Both systems correctly predicted E-mini price direction as long. The signals occurred around 10 a.m. EDT. At the time, the ATR was around 2.75. With the consistent bullish price movement, you may have very well hit your profit target on the next candle. Later in the day, the Atlas Line also produced a few nice Strength trades. Questions? Email is at [email protected]

Atlas Line & ATO 2 +2 Point Win

August 1, 2018
The ATO 2 and Atlas Line signals were in agreement with their long signals. This means that price was expected to rise. The trade was placed at around 10:20 a.m. EDT due to the Atlas Line signal. The signal appeared upon the close of the second candle above the Atlas Line. Current market conditions dictated the profit target of two points. We often use the two point, four point ATM Strategy for the E-mini. You can get all of our courses and software by enrolling in Mentorship.

Will the Stock Market Recover?

February 15, 2018
In late January, news outlets were reporting on how financial markets were bulletproof. Just a couple weeks later in early February, we saw one of the biggest crashes in recent history. Ever since, the markets (including the E-mini) have been very volatile. Will things ever return to normal? What caused the crash? What day trading strategies will work when the ATR (Average True Range) is so high on a daily basis? Let's explore some possible options that may improve your trading.

How's Your 2018 Trading So Far?

January 29, 2018
At about 10:00 a.m. EST, the Atlas Line produced a nice short signal. The ATR was at 2.65 or so. Therefore, we used a profit target of about +2.5 points, or +10 ticks. If the market was too volatile or too slow, we would have stayed out. In this instance, we did not have to worry about news events. It's important to not chase after price either. We were able to get in this trade within about a tick of the signal price. In the live training and video, we will teach you all of the rules.

2 Short Signals in Bull Market

January 9, 2018
The ATO 2 and Atlas Line produced matching signals, indicating that going short was advised despite the bull market. When more than one signal confirms market direction, traders are often more confident in the prediction. The ATR (Average True Range) allowed for about two points of profit. The profit target is always based on real-time conditions. We use smaller profits and stops on slower markets and larger profits and stops on faster markets. If the market is too slow or too fast, we stay out.
All trades should be considered hypothetical. No guarantees or claims of performance are offered. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Day trading is risky and may cause substantial financial loss. Individual performance may vary, as trading subjects your finances to new, unexpected market conditions. You are responsible for executing trades. Before trading, consult with a licensed broker and a financial expert see if day trading is suitable for you.

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