Learn to Day Trade: Free Educational Video Instruction & Tips
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Educational Day Trading Videos

Watch & Learn 3 Free Trading Methods

Using the ABC Pattern

Wish there was an easy way to gauge where the rest of the trading day is headed? There is – watch to learn how to divide the trading day into three sections: A, B, and C. Look for the breakout moves to enter.

Trading the News

Do you avoid the chaos surrounding news events? Do you instead want to take advantage of the big moves? Learn how to avoid the chop and capitalize on the volatility. You'll see these patterns again and again.

Using the ATR (Average True Range)

We always say, "Trade based on what the market can produce." Our preferred tool to gauge tradabiltiy is the ATR. Found in most software platforms, the ATR will help you trade with responsible profits and stops.

Latest Trading Videos

On the Fence? This Video Will Change Your Mind...

July 22, 2020

The concept of "keep it simple" also applies to how we day trade. Our Trade Scalper method does just that. Watch this video and you'll see how Long (buy) and Short (sell) signals plot before the market moves in the predicted direction. Also, you'll see a trade placed based on a Long signal. Scalping trades are quick and risk less on each trade than other trading methods. If you want to focus on small moves and potentially grow your account, this may be the best option for you.

Boom! Multiple Real-time Signals During 1st Hour of Market Open

July 20, 2020

Our Atlas Line® and Trade Scalper software work together well, as demonstrated here. We see multiple signals from both. We also see how one signal can confirm a signal from the other (i.e. anticipated market direction). If you're too late to a trade, don't chase it. Wait for the next signal from the same indicator or another indicator, as John Paul did here. This video explains the thought process behind each trade. With purchase, you'll get the same signals on your charts.

Curve Fitting Indicators: Hindsight is 20/20 – Webinar Pt. 2

July 15, 2020

This is part two of the two-part live webinar. In this portion, we focus on signals generated by the Atlas Line® and Trade Scalper. In real-time, you can watch the result of trading signals play out. At 19:00 or so, watch price hit the profit target for the Trade Scalper Long signal. It's important to be ready to place an order soon after the signal. As explained, if you waited a point or two later, it may have been too late. Use the audio alert feature to stay notified.

Curve Fitting Indicators: Hindsight is 20/20 – Webinar Pt. 1

July 15, 2020

This is part one of the two-part live webinar. Many day trading companies promote indicators with unbelievable performance. In some cases, this is due to the fact they optimize their indicators (and change the underlying model) based on old data. Old data does not predict nor have an impact on future price activity. Therefore, watch out for anyone telling you their system has a 100% success rate. Our methods have not changed much over time, and that's a good thing.

Avoid Flip-flop Trickery: Follow the Atlas Line®

July 10, 2020

Too often, we see price move in one direction for an unknown period of time and then suddenly move in the opposite direction for another unknown period of time. It can be tempting to place a Long/buy trade if you see three or more green candles and suspect a bullish trend. The opposite, in terms of potential bearish trends, may also be true for you. Is such guesswork the best way to trade? No, because if you've been at it long enough, you have seen how price suddenly changes its mind. The Atlas Line® may help you.

Live Webinar Pt. 2 – Trading Facts You're Missing

July 3, 2020

Right away, you can see an additional Long signal from the Trade Scalper. Aside from scalping, there's a review of price action from the last year, including the sell-off and climb back up. Do you expect price to fall again or will the markets remain fairly resilient despite the news? MIT orders may be what you're missing. Watch the video to learn about them. It was nice to see traders who currently use our methods attend, as these webinars are often attended by those who are new.

Live Webinar Pt. 1 – Live Q&A for Scalp Traders

July 2, 2020

During the first portion of this webinar, John Paul went into detail answering questions from the many live webinar attendees. Discussion centered around our Trade Scalper system and signals. You can see the signal software running on multiple trading charts: 1-Minute, 2-Range, and 10-Range. Do you know the difference between the regular Long and Short signals and the Dbl Wick Long and Short signals? That's taught in the included live training, but you can get a sense of it here.

Trade Scalper: Following Signals on 2-Range and 1-Minute Charts

June 29, 2020

If possible, do not move your entry, profit target, stop loss, etc. Doing so will put you at the back of the line and you may not get what you want. Also, it's best to place your trade as soon as possible after the signal appears. If you miss out, don't change another perceived opportunity. Extending yourself in the market in terms of time and extra trades is generally unwise. This video also demonstrates MIT orders, which are useful and convert to market orders.

Can You Trust the Numbers in the SuperDOM/Price Ladder?

June 26, 2020

If you've ever looked at your SuperDOM in NinjaTrader or price ladder in a different platform, you've probably seen the fluctuating buyers and sellers. This is called Level II data. In any case, many of those orders are fake-out tactics used by high-frequency trading algorithms. These "phantom" orders are constantly moved around and canceled to manipulate the market. This tricks human traders and trading systems. For good reason, we don't use Level II data to make tading decisions.

How to Optimize Your Windows Computer for Trading

June 25, 2020

The Windows operating system does a ton of things in the background. A lot of those things may be unnecessary for a computer that's mostly dedicated to day trading. In this video, we discuss a good application you can download for free that provides a ton of settings that allow you to easily disable unnecessary Windows components and settings. If anything, you'll improve your privacy. Be sure to read descriptions for settings you're unfamiliar with.

All trades should be considered hypothetical. No guarantees or claims of performance are offered. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Day trading is risky and may cause substantial financial loss. Individual performance may vary, as trading subjects your finances to new, unexpected market conditions. You are responsible for executing trades. Before trading, consult with a licensed broker and a financial expert see if day trading is suitable for you.

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