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DayTradeToWin Trading Videos

Watch & Learn 3 Free Trading Methods

Using the ABC Pattern

Wish there was an easy way to gauge where the rest of the trading day is headed? There is – watch to learn how to divide the trading day into three sections: A, B, and C. Look for the breakout moves to enter.

Trading the News

Do you avoid the chaos surrounding news events? Do you instead want to take advantage of the big moves? Learn how to avoid the chop and capitalize on the volatility. You'll see these patterns again and again.

Using the ATR (Average True Range)

We always say, "Trade based on what the market can produce." Our preferred tool to gauge tradabiltiy is the ATR. Found in most software platforms, the ATR will help you trade with responsible profits and stops.

Latest Trading Videos

Quick $300 Trade Scalper Signal

April 5, 2021

Though the profit target was only three ticks, trading with eight contracts allowed this signal to be worth $300 before any commissions or other fees. If you scalp the markets, it's important you focus on learning and practicing first in a real-time simulated environment. Eventually, the goal is to scale up your account so you can apply more contracts to each trade. We can't guarantee you'll make money. The markets will do what the markets will do. Read the disclaimers. We'll teach you the method fully so you can get the same signals we see. The ATR keeps us within what we feel is a reasonable profit and risk level.

Historic Long/Buy Winners as E-mini Climbs Beyond 4,000

April 5, 2021

Yet another historic day trading the E-mini! Did you have some winners as price climbed higher and higher? We hope so! If not, you can at least see how our systems handled today's price action. This is the first of two signal videos we captured today, Apr. 5, 2021. You'll see both the Trade Scalper and Atlas Line. If the ATR (Average True Range) says the volatility is just right, you can use the Trade Scalper and Atlas Line on the same chart. Otherwise, the standard configuration is a 1-minute and 5-minute chart, respectively. You can use the Atlas Line for an overall estimation of price movement and scalp in the short-term.

When You Trade This Way, It's Beyond Exciting

April 2, 2021

You have to love what you do. We look at price action on charts day in and day out. Does that sound boring? For some people, yes, it is. But from our experience, successful trading can be highly rewarding from a day-to-day satisfaction sense as well as from a financial sense. That's why we're still here, doing what we do, day after day, for over a decade. We hope to share with you our complete trading formula. That's why we suggest you enroll in our 8-Week Mentorship Program that begins this coming Monday, Apr. 5. We'll send you the downloads, etc. soon after enrollment. Check out the Mentorship page.

2 Systems Trading Today's Record-breaking S&P 500 Highs

April 5, 2021

Many news outlets covered the S&P 500's approach to the 4,000 level. This was a record day. When the big S&P moves that way, you bet the E-mini S&P follows. That's exactly what happend. Our Atlas Line and Trade Scalper were primed and ready to give us signals. Signal after signal, we saw so many opportunities as price went higher and higher. The Atlas Line helped confirm anticipated direction and gave signals. That helped confirm the Trade Scalper signals. We like using multiple methods to filter and confirm. It's all based on price action. We'll teach you exactly what to look for.

Live Webinar – Real-time Scalping Signals

March 9, 2021

Every once in a while, we'll hold a live webinar to show our methods in real-time conditions. Here's a recording from the most recent webinar on March 4, 2021. John Paul talks about quite a bit during this half-hour, so be sure not to miss the two live Trade Scalper signals. After the second signal, you'll see the market go sideways. If you timed it just right, this should have been a winner. When scalping, it's important to be ready to place a trade as soon as the signal appears. We recommend having a few ATM Strategies in place. Select the one that works best for the current conditions.

Scalp Trade After Scalp Trade

February 19, 2021

Our Trade Scalper method can produce many signals in a relatively small duration of time. You don't have to take every trade. Filter and take what is expected to be the best. You'll see two signals/trades in this video. We can use a 2-Range chart when the regular 1-Minute chart is too slow. The 2-Range candles look a bit different. On a 2-Range chart, every candle is the same height because the max value for each candle is two ticks, however long that takes, candle after candle. If the market is volatile, you'll see the 2-Range chart become too fast to trade. Use the 1-Minue chart to scalp when that happens.

Let's Decode Price Action Together

February 18, 2021

We've taught the ABC method for free. The software version makes it easy to find the opportunities. It's included with the ATO 2, Atlas Line Lifetime, and the 8-Week Mentorship Program. You pick what interests you the most. Check our courses page for more details. The ABC only produces signals in the B and C parts of the day. The A part defines the range for part B. Part B defines the range for part C. When a breakout occurs in B or C in a certain way (two candles closing), that's the entry. The colored boundaries of the software split the sections. The Long and Short signals point to the entry.

Quick Price Action Scalping Strategy

February 11, 2021

Our Trade Scalper signal produces multiple types of long and short signals. After purchasing and installing the indicator, you'll get regular Long and Short signals. There are also Double Wick signals, which can be Short or Long as well. These are shown as DW with Long or Short text after that. In the included training, we explain what the rules are for each. With scalping, you have to be quick. Because the rules are entirely price action, you'll know why the indicator is plotting the signal. You'll be able to read the price action for yourself. You can customize the colors to your liking.

Confident Trading Using 3 Signal Systems (1/2)

February 11, 2021

The ATO (At the Open) 2 was our first trading method we offered to the public back in 2009 or so. There's a reason why it's still in demand to this day. You can look back at almost a decade's worth of trading videos to see how this method has effectively identified key entry opportunities in the morning. That is the case here. The ATO 2 also identifies Chaser opportunities, which are used as follow-up signals. The main point of this video is to show you how the ATO 2, Trade Scalper, and Atlas Line all gave the same short signal/direction around the same time. This is the type of confirmation we look for!

Don't Get Tricked By News Events Any Longer

February 10, 2021

See that big candle? That's a trap for many traders. They see a big green candle and they want to get in on the action. They place an order to buy. Then soon after, the market goes sideways. And in some cases, the market reverses. They lose big. Avoid that kind of trading! In this video, John Paul outlines a very specific news trading method you can learn and use today. You may want to download and install our free news indicator so you can stay alert of upcoming scheduled events. In addition, we have a news calendar page that gives you access to two detailed trading news sources.

All trades should be considered hypothetical. No guarantees or claims of performance are offered. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Day trading is risky and may cause substantial financial loss. Individual performance may vary, as trading subjects your finances to new, unexpected market conditions. You are responsible for executing trades. Before trading, consult with a licensed broker and a financial expert see if day trading is suitable for you.

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