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DayTradeToWin Trading Videos

Watch & Learn 3 Free Trading Methods

Using the ABC Pattern

Wish there was an easy way to gauge where the rest of the trading day is headed? There is – watch to learn how to divide the trading day into three sections: A, B, and C. Look for the breakout moves to enter.

Trading the News

Do you avoid the chaos surrounding news events? Do you instead want to take advantage of the big moves? Learn how to avoid the chop and capitalize on the volatility. You'll see these patterns again and again.

Using the ATR (Average True Range)

We always say, "Trade based on what the market can produce." Our preferred tool to gauge tradabiltiy is the ATR. Found in most software platforms, the ATR will help you trade with responsible profits and stops.

Latest Trading Videos

Atlas Line Signals For Multiple Markets

August 20, 2021

Want a trading system that can work with multple markets? Prefer more than one or two signals per day? Want to decide whether you should be sticking with long or short trades? These are some of the questions the Atlas Line seeks to answer with its signals, dashed line, and overall use. In this video, you'll see charts for the Euro (6E), Dow (YM), Nasdaq (NQ) and E-mini (ES). Although the market/instrument may change, the approach to the Atlas Line does not with the exception of tick values and how that affects profit targets, stops, and the ATR. Indeed, each E-mini tick is $12.50 and this is not so for other markets/instruments.

1 Hour & +5.25 Points – Trade Scalper Signals

August 10, 2021

Here's an overview of four Trade Scalper signals within a given hour. These signals total +5.25 points, which is significant. Many reasonable traders would, after having that success, be done for the day. Over-trading is best avoided. By the way, on your NinjaTrader chart, you can easily measure the distances between two points or candles via the Ruler tool in the drawing menu. The Ruler tool allows one to click three times to see the measurement. The first click defines the first point, the second click the second point, and the final click is where the measurement should be displayed.

What Can a $1T Infrastructure Bill Do For Us?

August 10, 2021

The answer to that question may involve some debate. You may want to observe how much of that money is spent on removing chemicals and toxins from municipal water systems, the oceans, and the air. What about the building of Earth-friendly, sustainable, and affordable organic food systems? If what our bodies take in is polluted, and we use our bodies to perceive and to think, then how can we be so sure we are perceiving and thinking clearly? Yes, this does apply to day trading. If you're a healthier person, you will probably have a greater ability to observe, stay focused, and find potential winning moves.

Here's How We Scalped That Same Day

August 4, 2021

In the last video from the same day, Aug. 4, we showed you the Atlas Line. Hopefully, this video will help you understand how the Trade Scalper, a scalping trading method, differs in its approach and execution as compared to the Atlas Line and our other methods. Although there are no trades placed in this video, rest assured, we have many in the past and will do another in the future. This video is more of a signal review so you can get an idea, once again, of Trade Scalper performance for that day. If you'd like, compare both the Atlas Line and Trade Scalper and see where the signals lined up!

Going for $562.50 With the Atlas Line

August 4, 2021

In this video, you'll see three Atlas Line signals. The most recent signal that appears toward the right of the chart is used to demonstrate a trade worth $562.50 based on the number of contracts in use. Keep in mind, broker fees and other such things are not accounted for in that amount. The trade is over rather quickly, as John Paul doesn't like to hang around too long with an open position. In fact, every moment you're in a trade is a moment of risk. Therefore, it is wise to have clear rules you follow for every trade – especially rules that govern maximum values for profits and stops.

Real-time Trade Scalper Signal & Activity Review

August 3, 2021

Once the Trade Scalper is applied to the chart, it begins to plot signals according to the price movements that occur. You can also scroll back in time to see where signals appeared. By understanding the training material, you will also understand the underlying cause of these signals as the fundamentals are fully explained. The signals make it easy to quickly glance at the chart or use a sound alert to recognize an opportunity has occurred. It is then up to you to place the trade according to the rules. These rules are based on what we believe are realistic probabilities.

Using Multiple Trading Systems to Confirm Decisions

July 16, 2021

Traders strive for certainty because trading always involves a level of unpredictability. How does one gain certainty? It is true there are no promises when trading. You could have the strongest set of indications that price will rise, yet, minutes later, price falls resulting in loss. However, this type of thinking should be tempered by the big picture. The big picture, for trading, is the success rate over an extended period of time. If the goal of trading is to make money, should a single day or several days be the deciding factor? Multiple confirming systems, tried and tested over many days seem to make the most sense.

See Bitcoin BTCUSD Signals Plus Many Others

July 1, 2021

John Paul shows multiple markets with the Atlas Line software applied: E-mini S&P 500 Futures, BTCUSD, Nasdaq Futures, Euro Futures. This is a recap video where he's jumping around on different markets to review performance and give you an overall sense of how the Atlas Line works. With your purchase, you'll get a comlpete training experience with a video and live training. Most traders learn the method fully from the video and some practice. We want to get you up and running as well. We've been doing this a long time and hope to get you started.

Live Signals & Trades: June 30 Webinar Recording

June 30, 2021

If you've been on the fence waiting to see real-time signals for our various methods in front of a live audience, this is the best video to watch. One of the main points is an Atlas Line trade that occurred around the 23:32 mark. You can see how John Paul both places and manages the trade in a timely manner. We like to use ATM Strategies so that we are faster to execute orders and place the exact type of orders based on risk assessment. Risk assessment is always based on real-time conditions. In some cases, we feel more comfortable going for more; other times, less.

5 Days of ATO 2 Signals

June 30, 2021

Want to see what the ATO 2 did day after day? Don't miss this video. John Paul went back five days in a row and shared the signals for better or worse. How many winning trades? How many losing trades? Feel free to keep count. The ATO 2 focuses on finding winning moves soon after the market opens. Generally, the goal is one or two trades per day. Sometimes more can occur if Chaser signals appear. With purchase, we provide access to the digital course, training video, ATO 2 indicator/software and the bonus ABC indicator/software.

All trades should be considered hypothetical. No guarantees or claims of performance are offered. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Day trading is risky and may cause substantial financial loss. Individual performance may vary, as trading subjects your finances to new, unexpected market conditions. You are responsible for executing trades. Before trading, consult with a licensed broker and a financial expert see if day trading is suitable for you.

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