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Day Trading Coach

Attend a Trading School With an Experienced Teacher

Day Trade to Win's list of day trading courses is unmatched in terms of scope and value. Each day trading course covers a unique, proprietary strategy and a free training session. These included training sessions are taught by day trading coach John Paul. John Paul takes an informal approach to instruction, allowing students to ask questions at any time. Using experience gathered from over 15 years of trading, John's insight covers every possible scenario a trader can encounter, from trading the E-mini to the Australian Dollar. Because he's been instructing for so long, John's presentations take into account common psychological struggles encountered by traders. He understands what most traders are likely to do under any given situation, and advise against or for their behavior based on years of trading price action. Commonly asked to give presentations for NinjaTrader and other platforms, John Paul is considered to be the foremost expert on price action trading.

As a day trading coach, John Paul uses several key principles to effectively engage his pupils. He understands that a text-only book approach is not enough. Each commercial publication he has written contains numerous example charts, including the At the Open (ATO) Course, The Trade Scalper, the Price Action Scalping Course, and the Floor Traders Secrets manual to name a few. Since John focuses on price action, having large chart images is very important. A clear, uncluttered chart is required for successful price action trading and his courses contain pages showing such images in candle-by-candle detail. Being able to compare a live or simulated chart with a reference book's chart serves to provide the light bulb moment, triggering understanding. Coaching day traders using electronic books can be more challenging than live teaching, as everything must be fully explained. Every sentence is structured so that a beginner trader can understand. If a trader does not understand a method completely, he or she will undoubtedly trade incorrectly, resulting in loss. Successful day trading coaching places emphasis on the results as much as the learning experience.

John Paul commonly gives presentations to the trading community discussing price action and his unique approach to the markets. These presentations usually involve a PowerPoint presentation followed by a question and answer session. During the presentation, John Paul provides coaching while flipping through each page, explaining charts and illustrated examples of market behavior. John Paul has been using NinjaTrader for years, so it is easy for him to open up a chart and draw out an explanation of his strategies (the ABC Pattern for example in the Power Price Action course). Judging a potential day trading mentor's fluency in providing a live educational experience is important, as it gives an indication of the type of instruction provided in private training. John Paul is asked to present time and time again for his ability to articulate his strategies.

Besides authoring and presentation opportunities, Day Trade to Win has expanded the scope of its offerings to online videos. Currently, the Day Trade to Win YouTube account has over 200 uploaded coaching videos for day traders. Each video is painstakingly produced in HD and clearly narrated by John Paul. Each trade is pointed out and many of these trades are taken with a live account. Such commitment, confidence and production quality is unmatched in the day trading community. In addition to short YouTube videos, Day Trade to Win makes available many of its hour+ how-to webinar presentations. An example of this is the Atlas Line® How-To video, available on the Atlas Line page. This a perfect reference source for traders who have purchased the Atlas Line®, attending the webinar, and want a reference video for down the road.

In terms of live day trading coaching, Day Trade to Win's Private Mentorship program offers personal training for individual retail traders on a one-on-one basis or with a group. Every day trading course is included and taught through eight weeks of training, from the material covered during the Power Price Action course to the Atlas Line®, ATO, scalping courses, trading the news and a sundry of other price action techniques. Since this instruction is provided live by John Paul, students have the added benefit of asking questions, seeing live demonstrations of how to trade the methods, and receive the same electronic documents included with regular course purchase. In addition, John's live teaching goes beyond details taught in the book versions, adding a few tweaks that he has picked up from observing the markets over the last few months. Like other full packaged courses, the Private Mentorship program includes private access to the members only video area of the site, where each trader can replay the recorded training session. John understands that reinforcement is essential to the learning process. Video recordings allow students to play back material at their leisure. While going at your own pace, you can pick up on details that may have been missed during the live coaching session.

Learning to day trade should be approached like any other venture into academia. Time dedicated to practice and the appropriate software and account resources are the three main ingredients to take any trader and turn him or her successful. Day trading, like any other subject, requires devotion to learn properly. Fortunately, traders have Day Trade to Win as a reference, providing educational tools that lead the education day trading industry. Live training sessions with John Paul included with every product, clear written instruction and eight weeks of training included in the Power Price Action and Private Mentorship programs serve as proof of Day Trade to Win's commitment to educate day traders of all skill levels. For individuals who are serious about understanding how the markets work and how to trade them, training from a day trading coach is a must.