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More Scalping Winners: Easy Price Action Signals

Were you using our Trade Scalper software yesterday, July 28 with the E-mini S&P? If so, the signals were again, excellent. Within the first 30 seconds of this video, you can clearly a solid number of consistent winning signals. Once you have the Trade Scalper, you will see the same signals we see. With this […]

Best Live Trades for Today: E-mini S&P 500

Here’s a video showing real-time trades as they occurred today on a 1-Minute ES 09-20 (E-mini S&P 500) chart using our Atlas Line and Trade Scalper software. We focused on signals that occurred around a half-hour after market open, so 10:00 a.m. or so US/Eastern. The first signal that appeared was a Long Atlas Line […]

Any Winning Atlas Line & Trade Scalper Signals Today?

Hopefully, this helps with some of the requests for charts we’ve been having lately. Here are two E-mini S&P 500 (ES 09-20) charts from today. A 1-Minute Chart contained the Trade Scalper. A 5-Minute contained the Atlas Line. We were happy to see the Atlas Line aiding the Trade Scalper by confirming that short (sell) […]