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Any Winning Atlas Line & Trade Scalper Signals Today?

Hopefully, this helps with some of the requests for charts we’ve been having lately. Here are two E-mini S&P 500 (ES 09-20) charts from today. A 1-Minute Chart contained the Trade Scalper. A 5-Minute contained the Atlas Line. We were happy to see the Atlas Line aiding the Trade Scalper by confirming that short (sell) […]

Two Great Atlas Line Trades – One Long, One Short

» Get the Atlas Line « The Atlas Line consists of the plotting line, Dbl Bar Long and Dbl Bar Short signals, and any small S (Strength Trade) and P (Pullback Trade) marks you see on the chart. These indications are plotted automatically. All you have to do to configure the Atlas Line is supply […]

Atlas Line Recent Trades Explained

Click the image for a larger chart » Get the Atlas Line « We get a lot of questions from non-customers on how to interpret Atlas Line signals. We figured it would be best to examine a recent day that was full of Atlas Line trades that would best demonstrate multiple scenarios. Take a look […]

Atlas Line Results for June, July, and Aug. 2013

On occasion, we like to produce a monthly summary of how well the Atlas Line has performed based on the Recent Trades data. June, July, and August of this year were all successful months as indicated by the totals below. August 2013 Total # of trades = 79 Total # of days traded = 22 […]

August 2012 Atlas Line Trades

Yes, it’s a little early to get August’s full report, so we’ll calculate the results for the last 30 days (July 25, 2012 to August 24, 2012). These stats were compiled using data from the Recent Trades page. The results do not account for slippage, brokerage fees, trading platform fees, etc. Atlas Line Trades for […]