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The January Effect – Was John Paul’s Crystal Ball Correct?

Back in January of 2012, John used the “January Effect” to predict where the major indices will be by the end of the year, either up or down compared to where they were at the start: “…the last day of trading in January 2012 closed higher as compared to the opening price on January 3, […]

Positive Housing Numbers Provide Perspective

With positive news regarding U.S. residential construction numbers, stock-index futures reacted bullishly today. The Existing Home Sales report created quite a bullish move of about 5 points on the ES (E-Mini S&P). This large move occurred near the 10:00 a.m. mark when the report was announced. See the chart below. According to U.S. Commerce Department […]

2012 Trading Predictions

I (John Paul) may not have a crystal ball, but I have a prediction of where 2012 will end up. How can I be so sure? Although you may follow my real-tme price action methods of day trading, know that historical analysis has played a major role in my trading career. Most traders are unaware […]