Day Trading for Income – Oscar G. Update

We have a Price Action Webinar scheduled this Friday, September 9 at 10:00 a.m. US/Eastern. Here’s the link to attend:

That handsome man in the video above is Oscar G. from Portland, OR. You may remember him from a testimonial he did back in July, 2010. Oscar was the first to participate in the Day Trade to Win Private Mentorship Program. In his most recent video, Oscar describes his trading experiences since that time. Oscar is a successful full-time income trader, crediting his success to the support and price action products of Day Trade to Win. He says his most successful month brought in $41,000 due to his Mentorship education with John Paul. If you’re interested in receiving the same education as Oscar, contact John Paul by completing the form on the Private Mentorship Page or call us at 888-607-0008.

5 E-mini Points with News and Atlas Line

Part 1: Making Profit from the Jobless Claims Report
The jobless economic report on August 25, 2011 caused a huge green candle around 9:15 a.m. The candle was the result of traders covering their short positions. Any Bloomberg red star news events are best avoided as the market can unpredictably move strongly. There’s really no correlation between “positive” news events driving price higher or “negative” news events drive price to new lows. To prove this, the jobless report said there were fewer jobs and then E-mini price went up. In the Mentorship Program, John has a couple strategies he teaches his students to create profit out of news event volatility. You can see how he makes the jobless report work in his favor by producing a 3.5 point winner. A twist of irony, eh?

Part 2: Missed Atlas Line Trade – Paying Attention is Key
We post a lot of futures trading videos showing John Paul’s perfect trades. While he’s successful to a very high degree, you can see how trades can slip away from even the best traders who are late to arrive at the party. Paying attention, placing your orders in advance / on-time is key. The Atlas Line produced the right signal on the E-Mini, but because John wasn’t paying attention, it resulted in a missed opportunity of around four points. See how this Short signal shows up at 1175. The trade then starts to run away and John’s limit order does not follow. His only option is to look for Atlas Line Strength Trades and Pullbacks. When trades don’t work in your favor, it’s best to just let them go. Another opportunity is on its way – learn from your mistakes and move on!

Part 3: Atlas Line Strength Trade
Soon after John missed the first Atlas Line trade, he noticed an Strength setup. Using the fact that price was below the Atlas Line, he went short according the the Strength Trade rules. You can see how it would be disadvantageous to chase after price. Hold those limit orders! He sets up a two point profit target with three stops in place. Target filled. That’s five points using the Atlas Line – not to count the other E-mini trading techniques that could have been used.

Finally, we’d like to congratulate William C. from Indian Head, MD for winning the free Mentorship drawing. He will be attending the eight weeks of training with included courses and software along with other enrolled students. If you’d like to enroll, complete the form on the Private Mentorship page and we’ll be in touch with the details. Coaching starts this Monday, August 29.

Understanding the ABC Pattern E-mini Trading Webinar

Many traders attended today’s webinar to gain an understanding of how the ABC Pattern can be used to determine the best times of the day to trade the E-mini and other markets. Traders also attended to see how the Atlas Line signaled trades in real-time. Traders called out the markets and asked questions while John Paul gave answers and shared his charts. Watch the video above to see what happened!

The ABC Method of trading works on all markets including futures, Forex even Spread-betting. Catch a trend early and Catch it correctly with proof. this recording is unedited and will be sure to help your trading.
Traders also have an opportunity to join the upcomming class starting August 29 2011 for 8 weeks. Learn day trading and learn futures trading with this complete emini education which includes the Atlas Line software and all day trading courses offered by John Paul. More information can be found on this day trading complete mentorship coaching program here.

Atlas Line E-Mini Review Last Three Days

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E-mini Atlas Line Trading August 18, 19 and 22, 2011

The Atlas Line on the E-mini today had a short setup at 1136.5 on a bounce trade. Based on the current market conditions, two to three points were possible. Remember, when we trade based on price action, we only trade on what the market can produce. There were also Pullback trades. John Paul then scrolls through to Friday’s E-mini activity. The early Dbl Bar Short signals did not work in our favor, but the multiple long signals definitely made up for it. On Thursday, a signal Short signal was all we needed for the day. You can really get an idea of how accurate the Atlas Line is. This is an unfiltered, day-to-day recap.

E-mini Atlas Line Trading August 22, 2011

This video shows the rest of the day, continuing where we left of with the last video. John Paul places a live order on the short side based on an Atlas Line Strength setup. The trade was good for $1500. This Strength setup, along with the Pullback and other unique setups are taught in the webinar training session with purchase. John also goes over the three different types of stops and how they are used: Prove-It, Time-Based and Catastrophic.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that the Atlas Line is included with purchase of the eight week coaching program. The Atlas Line is used in combination with other price action methods to achieve a level of unparalleled price action understanding.

E-Mini Wild Ride Made Easy with Atlas Line

What a surprise today! Price tanked by a large margin similar to market behavior a couple of weeks ago. The Atlas Line® was spot on prior to this huge move down. If you knew to stay out of long trades and go short, you would have reaped the benefits. The Atlas Line produced a short signal at 1151.75. So how did this work out? At 1:50 in the video, you can see a perfect example of how going short was great, offering multiple Pullback trade opportunities. Later in the day (near market close), you can see an intersection. Remember that the day trading education class (at a reduced group rate) begin Monday, August 29. The Atlas Line works for other types of futures trading and currency trading for NinjaTrader, eSignal and TradeStation. Such wide support is possible because the Atlas Line is entirely based on price action.

Atlas Line Effortlessly Spots Short E-Mini Trade

When two consecutive closings appear below the Atlas Line®, it’s time to go short. The Atlas Line plots a Short order text signal when this occurs. In the video, you can see how this rule works in our favor using a live trading account.

John uses three stops for trading most of the time: a Catastrophic Stop, a Prove-It Stop and a Time Based Stop. These are mentioned in the video. In the live training session that’s included with purchase, John goes into more detail about these stops and the many trades that are unique to the Atlas Line. This short trade was worth about $1000 profit based on the amount of contracts in use. eSignal and TradeStation are also supported. NinjaTrader is John’s preference and is used in most of our videos and coaching lessons. Remember, the Atlas Line works for more than just E-mini trading. Many traders use the Atlas Line on markets like the Crude Oil and Euro on a daily basis. Because the software is based on price action, trading these other markets can be done on-the-fly, with no need for configuration. The Atlas Line looks on how price has performed up until the current moment before producing order signals. Day trading coach John Paul will show you how to correct the time zone parameter to market open time based on your time zone.

Live High Volatility Emini Trading Using Atlas Line

Today 8-12-11, John Paul daringly takes a live trade during volatile E-mini market conditions. His entry was based on the Atlas Line®’s exact entry red Dbl Bar Short signal you see printed on the chart live as it happened. The Atlas Line® automatically produces these order signals ahead of time, letting you know in advance where to be be (either long or short). You’ll notice that John calls the short signal before the Atlas Line produced it. The Atlas Line® rules and objective way to trade are taught so you know these orders in advance too!

A profit target of 5 to 6 points is used which is based on the ATR (Average True Range). He uses two stop types – a “Prove It” stop and a “Time-Based” stop. Both stops are taught in the live training that’s included with purchase. He’s going for 6.25 points, equivalent to $1562.50 trading five contracts. If you took a similar trade, you could be done for the day in just a few minutes! John Paul then moves his profit target up shortly to eventually take 4.25 Pts or $1062.50 of Profit.

In two weeks, we will be offering an extended, late summer sales event for the Group Private Mentorship Program. The Atlas Line and all other DTTW software and methods are included. It’s an excellent deal! To found out more email [email protected] or call the toll free 888-607-0008.

E-Mini Volatility – The Sky is Falling!

Did you get your $200 per contract today?
That doesn’t even count the Pullback trades the Atlas Line provided…just the initial short trade!

Again, here’s another large down day trading the Emini. The Atlas Line was dead on telling us to go short 1235.25 due to two consecutive closings. The last couple of months, the E-Mini was very slow. The ATR is now around 3 to 4, showing an improvement in volatility, making for better trading. In the video, John acknowledges non-US traders who prefer to trade the E-mini’s overnight Globex session. Overnight, the Atlas Line produced a short entry at 1257.75. It’s important to check the ATR if it’s above 1 before trading the overnight session. Many times, the ATR is not volatile enough to produce decent results. In this case, we recommend moving to a market with more volatility. This applies to other strategies besides price action trading.

Atlas Line Oval Office

John Paul, day trading coach, teaches traders how to recognize opportune times for trading along with identification of custom Atlas Line trades the the Pullback and Momentum setups. This day trading education is included with purchase of the Atlas Line.

Today’s Atlas Line Webinar Recording

For those of you who missed today’s webinar, the room was at capacity with traders eager to see how the Atlas Line performed in their favorite markets. John Paul took his time answering questions about the Atlas Line software and the Power Price Action method. Both methods are entirely based on price action yet are separate in how they are used to achieve profit. The Atlas Line focuses on trading using the angle of the plotted line and generated signals. The Power Price Action method focuses on identifying unique setups to determine entry.

The following coupon code was given away during the webinar. It’s active for a limited time and can be used with all products…

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Today’s E-Mini Trading Results Using Atlas Line

The Atlas Line spotted a long trade before it occurred on the E-mini at 1249.25. This long move was worth 4.5 to 4 points of profit. When price started to drop as indicated by the three red candles (five minute chart), the intersection of price with the Atlas Line indicated that it was time to go short. Further confirmation was prvided by the short signal at 1242. These order signals are autoamtically displayed on your chart and can be toggled off. In the video, John also shows how the Atlas Line can be traded on the overnight Globex session. Notice the nice long trade at 1248. In tonight’s webinar at 5:00 p.m. US/Eastern, we’ll go over the rest of the day after this video.

Again, here is the room link:

See you there!