Day Trading Webinar for Day Trade to Win Students

Enhance and Empower your knowledge of AT the Open (ATO) Method in a Small and HIGHLY Dedicated forum offered ONLY to my students who wish to excel their knowledge to become Full Time Day Traders!

Dear DTTW Customer:

In the last few months I have had a number of requests asking me to do a special webinar only to those who have bought and are implementing my At the Open Method.

Register NOW for the most comprehensive Day Trader’s Webinar

Ok, PLEASE Pay Attention….This is a 2 hour Webinar Plus a Q and A Session

I am a strong believer in quality, so I took my time and created something of the highest quality a trader could receive!

I have gathered emails, recalled phone conversation, and reviewed over 5000 correspondences with clients in order to deliver a ONE and Only Trader’s Toolbox. I will cover EVERYTHING you will need to know to prepare for your new career.

Above all, I will have a questions and answers session at the end, giving you a chance to ask ANYTHING and throw your “darts” at me to HELP you become the best trader you could ever be. Other trader’s questions, and perceptive could help you grow as a trader as well.

This entire webinar is limited to only 250 customers OR LESS, depending on my webmaster and our broadband capacity to facilitate this webinar!

This entire webinar will be ONLY $197!. Each participant will get a one month subscription to the ATO Method that includes the new “Chase the Trade” built into it! (This is a $197 value).

Register Now, as I am not sure when I will find the time to do anything of this sort. Between my trading, and helping customers I am not sure if I can do it any time soon.

What will we cover?

Amongst of the topics we will tackle…

* How to manage your trades without any emotional anxiety
* How to Use the ATO method effectively for the 2 and 4 points
* How to put your capital to the MAX!
* The Myths you need to avoid to become a professional day trader!
* How to develop your own methodology and I how I discovered mine!

Register NOW for the most comprehensive Day Trader’s Webinar

I am personally looking forward to seeing you in this exclusive webinar.


John Paul
Day Trade to Win

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