Announcing ATO 2 for MetaTrader 4 & 5

Early Access Sale: Save 20%

ATO 2 Indicator for MetaTrader 4 & MetaTrader 5

Our powerful ATO 2 trading software will soon be available for MetaTrader 4 & 5. We are currently applying the finishing touches to the indicator and finalizing testing. Many traders have asked us to support MetaTrader because it’s one of the most popular platforms for forex trading. Well, the time has come!

MetaTrader 5 & MetaTrader 4

We are providing a special 20% off discount for the ATO 2 for the first 10 people who purchase.

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Note that you are purchasing the ATO 2 in early access. The ATO 2 indicator will be provided to you as soon as it is complete (approximately within two weeks – subject to change). Lock in your savings now and we’ll send over the indicator once it’s ready!

The final version of the ATO for MetaTrader 4 & 5 will include:

  • Automatically ATO 2 shaded regions and entry lines
  • Supports for all major 24-hour forex opens (NY, London, Tokyo, Sydney)
  • Support for futures markets (MetaTrader 5)
  • Customizable colors and other settings
  • Live training, online training video, and email support included


Is the ATO 2 for NinjaTrader still available?
Of course! We are just rolling out support to a new trading platform.

I have the ATO 2 for NinjaTrader. Can I get the MetaTrader version for free?
We only support one platform per customer. If you would like to permanently transfer your NinjaTrader license to MetaTrader, contact us at [email protected] Please be sure that you will only want to trade with MetaTrader in the future. If you use our other products as well (e.g. Atlas Line), it’s probably best that you wait until we have our other products available for MetaTrader.

Is this version superior to the NinjaTrader version?
Both are equivalent and will produce similar signals. There are some visual differences in how the signals are represented.

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