2 of 2 Recent Price Action Trades

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Soon after the short trade John Paul recorded earlier in the day, the Atlas Line produced a Long trade as seen in the video above. John Paul caught the price action right before it caused the Atlas Line to generate the Long signal. You can see how John Paul knew a Long trade was likely to occur – a second bar was about to close above the Atlas Line. Remember, two consecutive closing bars either above or below the plotted Atlas Line will generated a Long or Short signal. Seen here, a long signal was generated at 1926.25. If you take a look at the green ATR value on the bottom of the chart, you can see the current ATR value at 2.3. This indicates the profit target should be rounded to 2, or 1928.25. What happens if the trade goes against you? This is why we have specific stop losses in mind. A catastrophic stop is the largest of the stops John Paul uses. In most cases, if the profit target is not hit, the time-based or prove-it stop will be hit first. You can learn about all of these stops, profit targets, and signals by purchasing the Atlas Line and attending the included live training session with John Paul. Click the blue link above to find out more.

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