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Mentorship Program Review from Marcus

March 16, 2016
After attending the Mentorship Program, Marcus soon left his regular employment and became a professional day trader. He says the transition required studying, but with John Paul's help, he eventually realized his goals. We have new Group Mentorship classes every month. The eight-week training class includes all of our courses and software. Click the Mentorship link at the top of this page to find out more.

Atlas Line & Trade Scalper Side-by-Side

January 9, 2016
Many traders ask us about the difference between the Atlas Line and Trade Scalper signals. As seen here, although the signal text looks similar, the underlying strategies are very different. The Atlas Line uses a 5-min chart compared to the Trade Scalper's 1-min chart. In addition, the Trade Scalper will produce over eight trades on average in the E-mini morning session. The Atlas Line produces two to four, on average. Watch for more info.

First Atlas Line Trade of 2016 for 3 Points

January 7, 2016
Did you take this E-mini S&P Atlas Line trade that was good for three points? All those who were using the Atlas Line received the same short (sell) signal. The entry was around 1997. The profit target changed as market conditions change. The ATR originally provided an expectation of 4.25 points of market movement, but John Paul was able to successfully lock in a three point winner. At the end of the video, he discusses how he filters these trades.

Scalping the E-mini with a Confirmed Direction

November 18, 2015
Can you expect a big move to the long side to close out 2015? John Paul is saying it's likely based on 2015 being a Super Year. By looking at the last highest high and following price downward with the Fibonacci tool, you can see where price will need to reach again in order to validate a long trade. The 50% level is an indication of this. Go back to last year's chart and the same thing occurred. Will you be ready to take over 20 points?

Atlas Line Confirms Trade Scalper Signals

August 6, 2015
John Paul shows you how the Trade Scalper software provided a short entry signal. The stop loss and profit-taking strategy dictate smaller expectations than other methods. Remember, scalping is all about multiple, small trades throughout the day. This trade was good for a few ticks and the Atlas Line confirmed the direction. You're fully taught how to find these trades on your own without the software. That means you can trade it on other platforms.

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