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Live Webinar – Price Action 101, Part 2

August 21, 2016
Do you know how to identify trending vs. whipsaw days? About 85% of the time, the market chops back and forth. The other 15% of time, the market trends. How can you take advantage of these market cycles? John Paul explains how to handle cycles, news events, and the ABC method in this video. The ABC strategy is based on breakout areas when price surpasses highs or lows of the previous section. Be sure to watch the full recording for special details.

Live Webinar – Price Action 101, Part 1

August 20, 2016
In this live webinar recording, John Paul shares Atlas Line and Trade Scalper trades, discusses the ATR (Average True Range), the ABC method, how to identify trending days, and much more. The room was filled to capacity. The first portion shows signals provided by the Trade Scalper indicator for NinjaTrader. The blue and purple text signals tell you to go long or short. Like many of our strategies, indicators are optional. You can use just the price action.

Using the Roadmap for E-mini Manipulation

August 13, 2016
Most indicators would consider this market activity a bearish trend. You would get signals tell you to sell or go short. However, the Roadmap strategy, taught in eight week Mentorship class, says the opposite. Once you understand how to use this strategy, you will be able to anticipate periods of manipulation where the market is likely to reverse. As seen here, the Roadmap's prediction was correct – price stalled and then climbed upward.

Multiple Mentorship Methods Validate Trades

August 11, 2016
John Paul demonstrates why it's important to have a trading plan each day. As a trader, you should consider whether the market is expressing over-bought or over-sold conditions. From there, look for opportunities. In Mentorship, you learn over 10 different strategies. You're also taught the order in which to trade them and how they can be used to filter and validate one another. This video shows seven opportunities on August 9, 2016. Did you take any of these trades?

A Relaxed Look at E-mini Atlas Line Trading

July 20, 2016
Atlas Line users saw the software generate a long (buy) signal around 9:55 a.m. US/Eastern when price reached 2160.75. By looking at current market conditions, John Paul was able to determine his profit target and stop loss. These values are derived from the ATR (Average True Range), the green zig-zag line that appears on the bottom of the chart. The line represents an average of price over the last four bars. Watch the video to see what happens.

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