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Multiple Mentorship Methods Validate Trades

August 11, 2016
John Paul demonstrates why it's important to have a trading plan each day. As a trader, you should consider whether the market is expressing over-bought or over-sold conditions. From there, look for opportunities. In Mentorship, you learn over 10 different strategies. You're also taught the order in which to trade them and how they can be used to filter and validate one another. This video shows seven opportunities on August 9, 2016. Did you take any of these trades?

A Relaxed Look at E-mini Atlas Line Trading

July 20, 2016
Atlas Line users saw the software generate a long (buy) signal around 9:55 a.m. US/Eastern when price reached 2160.75. By looking at current market conditions, John Paul was able to determine his profit target and stop loss. These values are derived from the ATR (Average True Range), the green zig-zag line that appears on the bottom of the chart. The line represents an average of price over the last four bars. Watch the video to see what happens.

Live Webinar – Trading Principles Part 3

July 15, 2016
Third of three-part price action webinar conducted by John Paul. Discussed in this video: using the ATR in live conditions, how to minimize risk, catastrophic stops – knowing when you're out of the trade, avoiding areas of market manipulation, how to handle retracements with the Trade Scalper, interpreting multiple Trade Scalper signals, the importance of our live training and practice, renko bars, and much more.

Live Webinar – Trading Principles Part 2

July 12, 2016
Second of three-part price action webinar conducted by John Paul. In this video, he covers overbought and oversold markets, understanding market continuation, knowing how to manage the trade in advance, the importance of rule-based trading, counter-trend, breakouts, and channel-type trading, Manipulation and how to understand it, why the E-mini S&P is unique, indicators vs. manipulation, working with large candles, and much more.

Live Webinar – Trading Principles Part 1

July 11, 2016
First of three-part price action webinar conducted by John Paul. In this series, he covers using the ATR, the importance of having a trading plan, knowing when to stay out, slow and fast cycles, targets, stops, and relative conditions, expectations for future price action, how to handle immediate price movement towards the goal, time-based stops, money management and staying disciplined/conservative, and much more.

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