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Don't Take Every Trade You See

October 25, 2016
The Trade Scalper strategy is one of the most active trading methods we offer. On average, multiple trades appear every hour. In this video, five appear on the chart. A short signal has just occurred, but is it worth taking? The previous short signals were good. This trade is tempting. However, the ATR says the market is too slow and too risky, so John Paul stays away. It's important to stick to the rules even if you see a trade later reach profitable territory.

Live Webinar – Trading the Morning Session

October 21, 2016
John Paul discusses why he prefers trading the opening session. In short, this 2.5 hour time period is more volatile than the afternoon or evening. Volatile markets are less likely to chop back and forth, which makes for difficult trading. The ATR provides a measure of volatility. Ideal trading occurs when the ATR is between 1 and 5 points. Take a look at how the Atlas Line can provide signals ahead of moves instead of signaling after they're over.

Live Webinar – Atlas Line & Risk Management

October 13, 2016
Many traders try to reduce risk by using tight stop losses. This can be a problem because a fluctuating market can easily hit these stop losses and profit is never reached. Therefore, a trader has to be open to the possibility of taking a hit. This is exemplified with John Paul's use of a catastrophic stop – a technique he's been using for years. It's the last resort stop loss, but it's there to allow the market to breathe with while price hopefully heads to profit territory.

Ways to Assess Risk Using Price Action

October 11, 2016
When using the Atlas Line, one way to reduce risk is to look for overbought and oversold conditions. If the distance between the line and recent candles is far, the trade is riskier. At about two minutes in, you can see how this trade is not the best opportunity because of the distance. Another risk factor is news events. If a news event has occurred within the last 15 minutes or is about to occur, stay out of the market. Watch the video to see other examples.

A Scalp Trade That Takes Too Long?

September 1, 2016
The Trade Scalper's profit target and stop loss also depend on the ATR (Average True Range). In this case, a Double Wick Short signal is deemed goot for a three tick profit target and a six tick stop loss. When scalping, the goal is to make profit quickly and repeatedly unlike larger, slower systems used for day trading. This is not a winning trade. John Paul needs to manually manage the trade because it's taking too long to hit the profit target. Ten minutes is too long here.

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