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Live Webinar – Powerful Price Action Strategies

February 17, 2017
Come check out the live Atlas Line signals, the ATO method, ATR, ABC Strategy, and more. It's important to have your Windows time set accurately, because a few seconds of discrepancy with the official time can cause problems with candles plotting. You want to make sure when that bar closes, you're getting accurate information to know when to enter the trade. It's possible to have Windows adjust this for you via the Internet time setting or use a third-party program.

Live Webinar – Atlas Line, Trade Scalper, ATO

February 9, 2017
With many in attendance, John Paul takes a real-time trade in this webinar at about the 21:00 marker. Take a look at the Trade Scalper and ATO (At the Open) signals as well. January 2017 closed slightly higher than it opened, which is an indication that price may trend upward throughout the year with a higher close in December. That's the general idea of the January Effect. The Jan. Effect can help you find trades when retracements of four or more bars occur.

Real-time Atlas Line Long Trade Taken

February 7, 2017
Always remember to check the news before you trade. It can save you from significant risk when the market becomes more volatile around a news event. We have a free news indicator on the downloads page for NinjaTrader 8 and NinjaTrader 7. The indicator shows upcoming news events on your chart. The Atlas Line trade in this video was a long with a profit target of about seven ticks. The best way to get a full license is to enroll in the upcoming Mentorsihp Program.

Webinar – Timing Your Trades for Success

January 17, 2017
In this webinar presentation, John Paul shares his E-mini charts and covers a wide range of topics. Specifically, you'll learn about the Yo-Yo Setup, the importance of using 5-min charts, how to work with trends, 5-min charts, the ATR and dynamic stop loss / profit target values, the DOM, the Trade Scalper, Atlas Line, and much more. The upcoming Group Mentorship class will teach you everything you need to know in eight weeks of live training.

Quick and Easy Atlas Line E-mini Trade

January 6, 2017
The real-time conditions of the market said to use a profit target of 1.25 points on this E-mini trade. The Atlas Line short entry signal appeared at 2264. John Paul got in a tick higher at 2264.25. One tick in front or behind is not a big deal. The stop loss is also adjusted according to current market conditions. As a safety net, a larger catastrophic stop is used. However, if the profit target is missed, you're looking to exit using a different stop strategy.

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