What to do when trading the Emini SP news

This day trading video explains the ATR (Average True Range) and how to use it to your advantage when trading. The Atlas Line is used to correctly know when to buy or sell the market instead of counting on the news to tell you what to do.

Where do you enter?
Where do you exit?
Which indicator to follow?
Where do you reverse?

All of these questions come to mind when dealing with day trading indicators. In this video, John Paul pushes aside confusing indicators and replaces them with the Atlas Line™. Using the Atlas Line™, the questions above are clearly answered at all times during trading.

As a trading tool, the Atlas Line™ is extremely easy to use:

Trade according the long and short signals that are provided automatically.
Go short when price is below the Atlas Line™, go long when price is above the Atlas Line™.

There really isn’t anything else you have to configure or be aware of other than these easy rules.

It’s the one tool you need for every commodity, stock, or even Forex!


  • sanctuaryfinancials says:

    The Atlas Line a great tool for any trader to have in his day-trading toolset. Do you offer affiliate programs?


  • lu-cas says:

    This is my 4th week of using the A-Line, and attending my 2nd how-to training tmrw, thx to all! wouldnt have been able to get thru the low-volatil and news otherwise…

  • jsmith says:

    which external data feed do you recommend to day trade futures contracts like ES and Euro? And we’re now trading the March 2011 contract yes?

  • bryan rusoo says:

    this is informative and useful, thanks… i have the hardest time trying to trade around news events, this will defintely help!

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