Two Point Profit During Today’s Atlas Line Lesson

We stand by our products. If we see a setup occurring (and know there’s a good chance to make money), we take the trade! This occurs during live training sessions, as seen in today’s webinar for first-time Atlas Line customers.

This trade occurred as a result of the Atlas Line Dbl Bar Short signal 1213.75, reaching our profit target at 1211.75. In case you don’t know what this means, the Atlas Line tells you to go either Short or Long at a specific price. Advanced warning lets you place your order in time to make profit. The types of stops and where to place profit targets are covered in the included live training.

You might not be aware that when you purchase a Day Trade to Win trading course, a free live lesson is included. Day trading coach John Paul teaches each session personally, to make sure you fully understand how to use the software and/or understand the course, whether you’re trading the E-mini, currencies or other markets.


  • byron says:

    hi dttw i would like to sign up to become an affiliate and promote your products here in my area. i have your ato, atlas line and power price action and am educting people on the clarity of day trading with price action.

  • maria says:

    i have been trading with the perception that the more trades are given throughout the day the better but i really think consistency instead of quantity is more effective like seeing with the atlas line

    quite an eye opener guys good job

  • geronimo says:

    with the Atlas Line I want to know if you recommend taking every pullback/strength trade that sets up, considering it meets the criteria of course

  • adrian says:

    Hey John,
    why does the Altlas line start plotting 20 minutes after the 9:30 opening? Is that a default setting or can it be manipulated? Cheers?

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