Two Free Indicators Now Available on Downloads Page

Visit the new Downloads page to download a News indicator for NinjaTrader 7 and a Bar Countdown Timer for TradeStation 9. Installation instructions are provided on the Downloads page.

News indicator for NinjaTrader 7News Indicator for NinjaTrader 7
Instead of referring to a web page for upcoming news events, wouldn’t it be easier to have upcoming news appear on your chart? That’s exactly what this indicator provides. The priority of each news announcement is labeled and color coded. Also, you can filter U.S. news events only, have medium and high priority only and change the interval news is retrieved (the default 15 minute value is fine). Here’s a tip – create a new chart just for this indicator and remove price data and axis lines. You can then drag this indicator over your chart like a free-floating data box.

News indicator for NinjaTrader 7Bar Timer for TradeStation 9
This is a popular request for our traders who use TradeStation. This essential tool will provide you with the amount of minutes / seconds remaining for the blotting candle so you can plan accordingly. Remember that the countdown is based on the type of chart you’re looking at (a newly posted bar on a five minute chart will take five minutes to count down). NinjaTrader offers a countdown timer with its regular / default set of indicators that are included with install.

Keep checking the downloads page as we plan to expand.

Have an idea for the downloads page or question about the indicators? Post a comment below.


  • lola says:

    i had some problems importing the inidcator but i figured it out was my problem
    works good now thanks!

  • anotha day anotha dollar says:

    i actually changed to ninjatrader from esignal just so i could try ur free news indicator

    am lovin it 🙂

    ninja is good too will prob stick w it…

  • jaguar rrrr says:

    i’ve bought the ato now waiting to get my training thank you this method is what ive been looking for! so easy and objective yay

  • kasdf says:

    gracias for free indicators amigo!
    i follow ur advise to make new chart and drag indicator
    works very good

  • debbie says:

    just wanted to say thanks for the free ninjatrader indicator i’m using it already 🙂

  • karl says:

    thank you for the free indicators i wll defin use

  • Larry F says:

    holy crap this is awesome!! thanks for the free indicators… nice something in this world is free for a change

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