Trading Interview – Methods Revealed

Last week, John Paul was interviewed by Tim Bourquin at Trader Interviews where he shared a few price action strategies you don’t want to miss!

The interview was conducted on July 30, 2010 and has been very popular with questions arriving from day traders everywhere:

Audio Interview -

Take the time to listen; it will be worth your while!


  • estrader says:

    Good interview, great content. Trading with the ATO has allowed me consistent wins on the emini. Been trading for years and tried numerous methods. Thanks again!

  • francis jr says:

    thanks daytrade to win for everything you do! i’ve been price action day trading the emini in the mornings with the ato and already have doubled my account,,, everybody there is terrific and nate is awesome!

  • Blake Hudson says:

    Wow really great interview!! Thanks for the information.

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