Tradersworld Video Presentation from Today

Tradersworld and NinjaTrader teamed up to provide a week full of educational webinars, from May 14 to 18. Over 45 of the best presenters in the industry were invited to speak. Topics ranged from trading tools, software, strategies and market direction as a whole.

Today, John Paul gave his presentation showing the strength of price action trading. Demonstrated using charts within the last few days, don’t miss the techniques! Learn the ABC Pattern, Trading the News method and how to tackle markets on a daily basis from a price action perspective. We always enjoy showing traders the difference between trading based on what you see in real-time vs. blindly following a laggy indicator system.

Go to our courses page to see all that we offer.

Also, click this picture to see the questions that were asked and answered, along with the reactions of the attendees…


  • John Paul says:

    Glad to help. Remember, you can check out the FAQ page where all the helpful tips are in one place. Then head over to the videos page to see the three free trading methods again at the top. Remember, take baby steps.

  • Max says:

    I really appreciate you sharing this advice with us. I’m very serious about becoming a profitable day trader, and this has been invaluable for me.

  • John Paul says:

    great, glad you enjoyed the trading videos.

  • Trading Market Online says:

    great work. people need more videos like this one to learn more about the markets

  • lynn says:

    very informative thanks day trading gurus!

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