Today’s Atlas Line and Power Price Action Webinar

We had over 100 people attend today’s Power Price Action webinar. John Paul shared his charts (ES, 6E, CL, GC, etc.) allowing attendees to see the Atlas Line call trades in real-time. In addition, John spotted a few ATO and Power Price Action setups, each indicating great profit potential for otherwise ‘difficult to trade’ market conditions.

Here’s a 5% off coupon code for all products, incl. Private Mentorship:

The Atlas Line has two affordable payment options:
6-Month License for $599
Lifetime License for $1800

The Trade Scalper is another great option (plus bonus Floor Traders Secrets Course)
Lifetime License for $599

ATO (At the Open) Course
One Payment of $595


  • John Paul says:

    Hi Jeff,

    you can download Ninja Trader free at any broker that offers this 30 day free trial. Optimus Futures is the easiest or you can do directly to the ninja trader website. After becoming a client we do support and help you install ninja trader with live data if needed.
    thanks -JP

  • jeff says:

    Hi John been following you trading program for a while. Really like what and how you teach it. My question is how do i download Ninja trader so i can simulate your trades, in practice. Thanks Jeff

  • billy says:

    i am ready to join your mentorship classes and to get coached by john paul please advise on next session start schedule

  • peter griffin says:

    i like your atlas line very much it’s impressive. your results look good too, i’m assuming those are based on trades taken at the open.

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