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3 Trading Systems Correctly Find Winning Long Trades

Earlier today, we posted a video that describes three price action conditions to look for. In the video, recall that the today’s E-mini S&P price action trended up for a considerable period. Also, in that other blog post, we mentioned how the goal of many trading systems is to recognize winning opportunities before they occur. […]

3 Price Action Chart Patterns to Learn Today

Now, we shall examine the three different types of price action chart patterns. In case you are unfamiliar with the term “price action,” it refers to price movement, patterns, and other observable price characteristics on day trading charts. We use price action to determine how we trade, including first recognizing whether an opportunity exists, what […]

Here’s How 3 of Our Signal Systems Performed Today

Here’s a review of today’s signals for the ATO 2, Trade Scalper, and Atlas Line as applied to the E-mini S&P 500 (ES 09-20). We start the day observing the ATR (Average True Range) nearing five points. Note the ATR is configured with a period value of four. Other values, such as the default 14, […]