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Trading Webinar – How to Handle Slow Trading Days & ATO Strategy

Part 1 Part 2 Learn the ATO strategy and many more price action methods by taking part in the next Group Mentorship. Group Mentorship begins Sep. 7, 2016. All courses and software are included. Click here to secure your seat. With your deposit, we will send you the ATO course and software, so you can […]

Trading Video Lesson 3 – Front Running & 5-Min Charts

Why use the 5-min chart? Regardless of the day trading platform you use, you will have the ability to switch time frames on your chart. For minute-based charts, NinjaTrader provides everything from a 1-min to a Yearly chart. When using a 5-min chart, you have the best of both worlds: a summarized chart (not too […]

How to Improve Your Fill Rate with Limit Orders

As a trader, it is important to understand some advanced tactics that can make or break a trade.  One method I advocate using is front running.  The way I use this term is a bit different from its standard meaning.  You will be surprised at how it can improve your bottom line for both entries […]