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Part 2 – Super Year & Atlas Line Webinar

Here’s part two of the most recent webinar. Miss the first webinar? First, we start off with a review of the Super Year. We already had a good trade with a retracement from the previous 50% level for about 22 points around March 16. If price breaks the most recent highs, John Paul expects for another […]

Price Action Tells the Atlas Line to Produce Long Trade

» Get the Atlas Line « On September 16, 2014 the Atlas Line produced a Long entry signal on the E-mini S&P. The Long signal occurred when price was at 1978.50 around 10 a.m. EDT. Based on the ATR, John Paul determined a profit target of about seven ticks was possible. The profit target is […]

Simple Live Trade on E-mini S&P

» Get the Power Price Action Course « In this video, John Paul takes a moment from one of the live classes to take a live trade. It was a short E-mini trade on August 13, 2014 at around 11:50 a.m. with an entry price of 1944.00. The profit target was one point at 1943.00. […]