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ATO 2 and Atlas Line Short Signals in Bull Market

Click here to see the ATO 2, Atlas Line, Trade Scalper, and More Today, January 9, 2018, the ATO 2 software produced a short signal at 9:55 a.m. EST (New York time, GMT-5) when the market was at 2750.50. All of our ATO 2 clients should have received the exact same signal. With every trade, […]

S&P U.S. Credit Rating – News Event Tanks Markets

The S&P’s debt rating service projected a poor credit rating for the U.S. today. With this big news, the markets tanked. We pulled up a couple of charts to see how the Atlas Line performed for traders in two separate markets: the E-Mini S&P and Crude Light. E-Mini S&P (ES) – April 18, 2011 The […]

Trading E-Mini SP Price Action and News

In this video, John Paul provides trading education that all traders should be aware of when trading during news events. JP does not use indicators, but during highly important news events, most indicators will show fluctuations. Watch the video to find out more.