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SP500 Emini Day Trading Atlas Line long and short market orders

SP 500 Emini day trading today March 11 2011 with long and short orders gave plenty of opportunity to grab a few points based on the current market conditions. John Paul has created the following video showing how to trade the Eminisp 500 Don’t forget about rolling over to June contract in case you need […]

At The Open Emini Trading Chart August 2 2010

Last week’s Atlas Line charts as posted on Flickr and Chart.ly. August 2, 2010 another nice winning trade long using the At the Open method. The rest of the day was very slow and very hard to trade. Glad to be done early in the day.

Market Tanks, Atlas Line Calls It in Advance

We posted on Chart.ly / Twitter a few hours before the market tanked, advising traders to go short. Look at what happened shortly after – the market plummeted. If you knew to trade short in advance, this would have been a big day for you.