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2-Day Trading Signal Recap & Holiday Trading Info

Here’s a two-day video recap of various trading signals, including the Atlas Line and Trade Scalper. Today, Dec. 30, 2020 may be the last “normal” volatility day of 2020, as New Year’s Eve (tomorrow) may have periods of low volatility. For yesterday, Dec. 29, you’ll see a nice Atlas Line short signal that had a […]

1-2-3 Day Trading: $1,500 and Done

This video has three trades worth about $1,500 that came about due to the signals from the Trade Scalper and Atlas Line along with the number of contracts used. You’ll see one Trade Scalper trade and two Atlas Line trades. Remember, you should consider everything hypothetical – do not trade with important money for daily […]

Today’s Price Activity: $100 Per Trade Conditions

Right away, we can see there was a nice winning Atlas Line trade. The Short signal followed by the drop in price shows that clearly. What happens when we apply the Trade Scalper to the same chart? >> Get the Atlas Line® & Trade Scalper Signals << Your eyes may be drawn to the Trade […]

Today, I Missed a Trade & Still Won

This video starts off showing multiple Long (buy) signals from our Trade Scalper. Soon after that, John Paul adds the Atlas Line software to see what types of signals will appear in real-time. Both the Atlas Line and Trade Scalper are running on a 1-Minute ES 09-20 chart. One the Atlas Line is applied, we […]