SP500 Emini Day Trading Atlas Line long and short market orders

SP 500 Emini day trading today March 11 2011 with long and short orders gave plenty of
opportunity to grab a few points based on the current market conditions.
John Paul has created the following video showing how to trade the Eminisp 500

Don’t forget about rolling over to June contract in case you need to know when check out this video:
how to rollover to the next contract month


  • dwane luzaro says:

    i have been day trading the emini sp using the at the open ato for about a year and looking to also add the atlas line to my trading. i understand that i can use the atlasline as a filter or confirmation to the ato or oethr method yes? i want to lower my number of losing trades

  • sami says:

    gooood morning john paul 🙂 how many entries do we typically get with the atlas line? does the atlas line readjust itself during the day? i’ll email you, thanks for all the videos 🙂

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