Is E-Mini Trading Asleep or Alive?

What happened today? the market was asleep then BOOM! E-mini Trading is back or will it be short lived? No one knows, but one thing is for sure if a trader learns day trading correctly then regardless of which Futures Market traded, profits can be consistently made. The tools needed, well not much here when trading price action, but a good coach and trading mentor is key to cut down on costly mistakes that do and will occur. Today I’ve attached the Atlas Line to demonstrate how early in the day a price action tool caught the entire day’s move. Don’t expect every day to be like this, but they do happen and you should be there to catch them!

Four Profitable E-Mini S&P Trades on June 1, 2011
Day Trading

How to Day Trade Smartly Before a 3 Day Weekend

If you’re from the United States (like us), you’re probably aware that Monday is Memorial Day, a federal holiday. Considered the unofficial start of the spring / summer vacation season (while commemorating fallen military service personnel), Memorial Day is always the last Monday of May. Every year, millions of Americans look forward to this three-day weekend. The lucky ones are also able to take off Friday before (today). As traders, we are somewhat dependent upon these lucky individuals who are normally trading with big money, creating volatility in the markets.

Whenever you encounter a trading day before a major U.S. holiday (like today), you can expect to see relatively low volatility for Emini trading. For example, today’s price action trading was bound within a range. Traders collectively decided on the highs and lows of the day, making the same mistakes and assumptions. Days with better price action / volatility are not range-bound. Instead, they show more of a gradual slope in the rise and fall of price instead of the zig-zag choppiness and periods of flat price action. This same behavior occurs on all U.S. based markets, having a great affect on all of futures trading.

Using the Atlas Line®, it’s still possible to make money on days like today (ES – May 27, 2011)
Day Trading

In the chart above, we purposely removed all of the text pointing out the profitable Atlas Line trades so you can see the price action. You can see how the Atlas Line was right on the money calling out the Long Trades and the Short Trades despite the relatively “flat” trading that was offered. If you’re not using a trading tool like the Atlas Line or one of our day trading courses other price action trading systems, then it’s best not to trade on days like today.

If you’re still going to attempt to trade anyway, at least try to stick with the morning session. The morning has traditionally offered the most consistent movement. Some days are really cut out do be traded ONLY the morning session. We refer to these days has “half-day trading.” A day like today offers some good morning trades and no reason to stay in to subject yourself to losses later in the day. Take advantage of the markets and give yourself an early start to the holiday weekend!

Here are some general tips on how to day trade around holidays:

  • Be careful trading on days before holidays. The big players are already out boating, so don’t expect the same amount of volatility
  • Trade with the professional traders, don’t trade against them.
  • Trade with the professional traders, don’t trade against them.
  • Learn day trading based on price action so you’re not trading an indicator / algorithm that’s meant for a volatile market
  • If you must trade, trade the morning session. It offers the best price action you’re likely to encounter that day

Power Price Action Webinar – Futures, Currencies and Forex

We had a great turnout yesterday for the Power Price Action webinar sponsored by Optimus Futures. For those of you who were unable to attend, you can watch the recording here:

This presentation, shows how to day trade price action using techniques traders of all markets can put into practice:

  • Basic price action principles for futures trading
  • Emini trading vs currency trading vs Forex trading
  • How to set up your charts for optimal price action results
  • Common price patterns and how to use them
  • Why it’s never a good idea to use indicators
  • How to enter trades and fill orders more consistently
  • How to take advantage of mistakes other traders make (and their common trading behavior)
  • …And much more

While this webinar doesn’t show the unique methods taught in the full Power Price Action day trading course, there’s still a ton of valuable information. To learn day trading properly using the Power Price Action method, you can visit the Mentorship Program page (it’s included) or the Power Price Action website.

Learn Day Trading – Contract Rollover

CME ContractFutures trading has almost been around since the beginning of time, in one form or another. A major difference now is the accessibility to markets all over the world and the way orders are instantly placed. Another difference is that rules and regulations are set in place to protect the buyers and sellers. Along with all the red tape is the notion of contract rollover. A beginner day trading course will most likely not provide the information needed to prepare traders to rollover when the time is right. I have daily conversations with day traders all over the world, and how to day trade consistently is a common theme discussed. You may like E-Mini trading or maybe you fancy Currency trading, but truth be told that all traders should know the basic concept of rolling over to the next contract month when the time is right. To start you off on the right foot, I want you to learn day trading right from the start, and that means that learning to rollover a futures contract correctly is key!

The rule of thumb is to rollover to the following contract month on the 2nd Thursday or Friday of the expiring month. That’s it!
Simple, to the point and now you know.
E-mini and financials indexes, futures currencies and any other futures markets all work the same way. Find out more about futures contract rollover.

How to Day Trade the Euro (6E)

Knowing when and how to enter markets like the Euro Currency is 50% of the battle. The other 50% is deciding when to exit. The Atlas Line® day trading software works by making this extremely easy: order signals are automatically produced, advising you when to enter. In addition, the plotted line helps confirm the direction of price. When price is above the line, go with long trades. When below, go short. A free webinar is included with purchase, so you can learn special setups that can only be identified with the training, such as the Pullback trade that occurred around 10:50 a.m. today (see chart).

Futures trading (and currency tading) is safer than trading markets like Forex. In addition, emini trading is much safer compared to markets like the Japanese Yen, which seem to be all over the place. When trading the Euro, always use stops and trade with a clear direction in mind. The free webinar allows you to learn day trading for consistent profits in markets like the Canadian Dollar, Crude Light, British Pound, Australian Dollar and other decent-performers.

Grabbing Points Trading the Euro (6E)
Day Trading

1.5 Points E-Mini Trading with the Atlas Line

We heard from one of our Atlas Line users today about how much the Atlas Line has been “on fire” the last few months, producing profitable trades nearly every day. This emini trading chart shows how 1.5 points were possible today. The Atlas Line saw how price was going to climb and produced a Double Bar Long signal. Using the ATR, we knew to get out of the trade, allowing for the 1.5 points. Using the ATR is covered in the online day trading course / how-to-webinar that comes with purchase of the Atlas Line. Traders who were not using the Atlas Line probably went short soon after market open, resulting in loss. The Atlas Line makes futures trading very easy.

Nice E-Mini Trade Worth 1.5 Points

Today’s Atlas Line Trades – E-Mini, Euro Currency and Crude Light

Remember, until midnight tonight (U.S. Eastern time) , you can get the 50% off the 6-Month and Lifetime Atlas Line. The Atlas Line recognizes perfect setups (like the ones below) on a daily basis, letting you know in advance when and how to enter the market. Since the Atlas Line is a price action reference tool, you don’t have to worry about it lagging like an indicator.

E-Mini S&P – May 2, 2011
Three trades for a total of 2.75 points. All trades occurred before noon.

Euro Currency – May 2, 2011
Many traders probably went short once they saw the big red candle at 9:46 a.m. Atlas Line traders knew otherwise – the Long signal and angle of the Atlas Line kept us on the correct side of the trade, going long for a few points. This type of setup is called an Atlas Line Pullback and is taught in the live workshop that is included with purchase.

Crude Light – May 2, 2011
Once the Atlas Line was plotted and the Long order signal was given, we knew trading Crude Light was going to be worthwhile. You can see how the line intersects price at the exact moment when going long is the best idea. Using the Atlas Line is almost like having 20/20 foresight.

Live Trade Taken During Mentorship Class

Yesterday, Private Mentorship students were shown how to take profit in the E-Mini S&P (ES) using an ATO trade. The ATO is one of the 11 price action methods taught in the Private Mentorship Program. This trade was done live, trading-room style in front of course participants. As the students were already taught the ATO, the setup occurred at an ideal time for John Paul to demonstrate how to take the trade.

Notice how the profit target does not change; it’s static.

In the Private Mentorship Program, trades are reviewed in daily sequence, making sure every signal is clearly defined during each training session. Instruction focuses on reading price action; not using indicators or relying on mystical sources. We objectively trade what we see on the charts.

4 Ticks on E-Mini Using Power Price Action

Yesterday, John Paul recorded a video showing how he used the Power Price Action method to snag a 4 tick move in the E-Mini S&P. Notice how is chart is completely free of indicators – that’s because he knows how to enter based on price action (particularly, the Power Price method). The trade setup was objectively identified during a live educational session, allowing for attendees to see how simple it was to capture a few points. The market told him that it was going long, so all that he had to do was place a respective order.

The Power Price Action course consists of 4 DVDs that teach you the method and other price action strategies. You also get 8 weeks of live training with John Paul, where he shows you how to trade the method live. Yes, it works with other indices, Forex, currencies and other markets.

Trading Results Page and Other Website Updates

You may have noticed some new pages, products and minor tweaks here and there while navigating Day Trade To Win:

Results Page – see how well the Atlas Line and Power Price Action method have been been performing on the E-Mini, Euro and other markets. We will update this page every couple of days, so be sure to check back. All of the trades are real and verifiable. The Atlas Line page has some Power Price Action Trades, but it should be accurate in containing only Atlas Line trades for the month of April, anyway.

Courses Page – entirely revamped, you can now see all of our products on one clean page. Click the boxes at the top and you’ll be brought to the course. All of the product details are listed. If you need help in deciding, you can always contact us by phone or email.

Private Mentorship Page – streamlined and restructured. Be sure to check out our new video testimonials and what’s included in the eight weeks of live training.

New Power Price Action DVD Course
This has probably been keeping us busy the most – a complete 4 DVD package with eight weeks of live training and a color training workbook that shows you a highly profitable setup that’s compatible with Futures, Forex and Currencies. It’s called Power Price Action and it’s suitable for traders of all levels. Very few traders know about this setup. There are a bunch of other highly profitable techniques taught in the course as well.

Use this coupon code to purchase the Power Price Action course at 10% off: 10OFFDTTW
Buy here:

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