One Point Made Easy on ES

Trading systems are a dime a dozen. It’s always better to be able to see the trades plot on your charts, so ultimately, you’re in control. The Atlas Line puts you in control by letting you know the expected direction of price. You then place an order in the given direction using the profit taking rules defined in the live training. Stops are also discussed, in addition to the other Atlas Line setups that occur: Strength and Pullback trades. The latest version of the Atlas Line plots these Strength and Pullback trades, making it even easier to recognize opportunities.

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This video shows the E-Mini slowly inching its way towards our profit target at 1359.75. This profit target is not arbitrary – it’s based on what the ES can produce at the moment, as indicated by the Average True Range. The ATR is the green line plotted on the bottom of the chart. Stops are also specified – John outlines the different scenarios in which a stop out would have occurred. Although the profit was only one point, the Atlas Line recognizes many opportunities intraday. Success of overnight trading and other recent days are also shown towards the end of the video.


  • John Paul says:

    You should have at least 3 to 5k in your account. We don’t recommend trading on Margin.
    Regards, JP

  • capital? says:

    how much money do you guys recommend in having in an account to start day trading futures with 1 contract
    looking to make 2 to 4 points a day is that realistic

  • vern says:

    can this strategy or approach be applied to other markets as i trade the british pound and other markets not really the ES that much/./
    day trading futures is preferred by you i see in your video/s…

  • serena says:

    i liked seeing the success of overnight trading

    i have a day job and want to make day trading my only job full time

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