Mentorship Program Video Testimonial

Oscar, Day Trade to Win Mentorship Program student, tells about his experiences with the Mentorship Program, where he learned to trade the E-Mini S&P:

Oscar was taught one-on-one for one hour a day, three days a week. After six weeks of training, students (like Oscar) are fully capable of understanding and trading profitably on the E-Mini S&P (or any other online electronic market/currency/commodity).

Other online trading courses leave students high and dry after rushing through course material. Day Trade to Win differs from the norm, supporting students after the course is over, as John Paul may be contacted with questions at any time.

Find out how the Mentorship Program’s one-on-one price action trading course:

“The program has been extremely successful with traders. It’s the A-ha moment that I love to hear from traders.”

– John Paul, founder of


  • rachat de credit says:

    I like reading your blog for the reason that you can constantly bring us fresh and awesome stuff, I think that I should at least say thanks for your hard work.

    – Henry

  • supernova says:

    haha that’s unbelievable!!! I know this guy he comes shopping in my store every so often.. what a small world WOW. and I thought he was an engineer or something didn’t even know he was a trader, too funny. Next time I see him I’ll ask for an autograph LOL

  • thehurricane says:

    I was referred here to attend the live mentorship price action class, does anyone have the link to that?

  • Jugo says:

    Are there discounts for current members?

  • Michelle Tyler says:

    wow this video is compelling!! why was his phone number blotted out? does anybody know if the results are promised for this mentorship price action program?

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