Live Trade Taken During Mentorship Class

Yesterday, Private Mentorship students were shown how to take profit in the E-Mini S&P (ES) using an ATO trade. The ATO is one of the 11 price action methods taught in the Private Mentorship Program. This trade was done live, trading-room style in front of course participants. As the students were already taught the ATO, the setup occurred at an ideal time for John Paul to demonstrate how to take the trade.

Notice how the profit target does not change; it’s static.

In the Private Mentorship Program, trades are reviewed in daily sequence, making sure every signal is clearly defined during each training session. Instruction focuses on reading price action; not using indicators or relying on mystical sources. We objectively trade what we see on the charts.


  • uri shalom says:

    big supporter of price action trading i think you guys have a great thing going keep it up and keep teaching us how to day trade

  • Joseph Banks says:

    my name is Joseph Banks and my friend Ronald Freeman is raving about your mentorship program with john paul that he did few months ago. What’s the best way to enroll and get a discount too?

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