Live Leap Year Trade – E-Mini S&P

Here’s a video of a live trade John took yesterday on the E-Mini using the Atlas Line. Note that the trade setup in use is called a Pullback, the rules of which are taught in the live training that’s included with purchase. John uses the ATR (Average True Range) to indicate the profit target and stop strategy. This is the most responsible (and accurate) way to trade – based on what real-time market conditions can produce. As you’re probably aware, the E-Mini has been very slow lately so he’s only going for one point (according to the ATR). Many of our students also took the previous short, as indicated by the Atlas Line’s red printed text. You can trade the E-Mini and other markets just like we do – the Atlas Line is available as a six month or lifetime license.


  • veronica says:

    bought the atlas line and am very anxious to attend friday’s live training with you john, i’m very impressed so far with what i see how it performs on trading the emini.


  • scott says:

    please send me information on the march 15th mentorship program

  • nathan mills (west coast "nate") says:

    Nice video JP,

    I took the dbl bar short preceding the pullback you are describing for a winning 1.5 p.

    The market is showing more vital signs (but barely).
    Thanks for the video!


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