Live Atlas Line in Action – Today’s Webinar

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In case you weren’t able to make it to the webinar earlier today, here is the recording. Consecutive days, multiple markets, live audience – it’s all here! Check out the performance on the YM, ES, 6E, and ZB. In case you don’t yet know, the Atlas Line is software that plugs into your trading platform (either NinjaTrader, TradeStation, or eSignal). It then plots a line at a specific time and angle every day. Depending on how price moves in relation to the line, order signals are generated. The order signals tell you when and how to enter the market (either Long or Short). It’s quite simple to use and it comes with live training.

Reminder – Monday, January 13, a new session of Group Mentorship starts. Click here to read everything about Mentorship. Yes, the Atlas Line is included with Mentorship, as are all of our other courses and software.


  • John Paul says:

    Hi Gregg,

    Glad to see that you’ve found our videos helpful. The Atlas Line’s MarketOpen parameter can be adjusted to plot the line at specific times. On the ES, you will start to see signals a little before 10 a.m. EST. In the customer-only training that’s included, you will learn the full method and how to tweak the settings. We do not offer a trial because of the resources and time required to provide proper training, support, and video access.

  • Gregg Davis says:

    I have been reviewing your videos and enjoy them and intrigued with atlas line. I also trade price action with proper supply and demand, fibs. and candle stick patterns. My question is i like the atlas line as odds enhancer but my question is i noticed with the atlas line is a bit late in many cases, using proper supply and demand with candlesticks shows earlier entries but again i like the atlas line as further odds enhancer.

    Like to get your feedback on the above? Do you have a trial offer for the atlas line?

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