How to Trade the News – An Exact Method Every Trader Should Know

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What happens when a news event occurs? Do you try to avoid them or try to capitalize on the sudden volatility? In this video, John Paul delivers an exact trading method for making the most out of these unpredictable movements.

Firstly, make sure you visit Bloomberg’s site to access the economic calendar. Take note of events marked with a red star. These are market pushers. Most of the time, you’ll see large price movement as a result of the announcement. There is no correlation between the type of news “good vs. bad” and how price will behave (if it was only that simple!). Instead, we wait until the large movement is over with then take a trade based on specific rules in the opposite direction (short / long) of the candle. Watch the video for details. You can use this trading method with any trading software. Just remember the entry rules and how to use the proof as provided by price.

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  • Anonymous says:

    I am a student taking a private mentorship with John Paul.
    This description of trading the news is remarkably accurate in describing what I have witnessed since I have been watching the market with this in mind.
    Make sure it’s a chaotic news candle.

    John Paul & the Day Trade to Win staff, in my experience, would be a sensible connection for anyone seriously interested in understanding the market, to the fullest extent that is possible, to make.

    You may have looked around online to find a worthy mentor or teacher.
    I have. This is what you want.


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