Heather Reviews Day Trade to Win Trading Methods

Heather from Australia was kind enough to share her experiences with trading the Day Trade to Win methods. At first, she relied on various signals and indicators; resulting in confusion and an inability to see the candles. This disconnect from the market was fixed after finding Day Trade to Win and employing price action methods. Using candle movement and patterns, Heather has had “excellent results” and will soon reach her goal of becoming an income trader. Although she doesn’t say in the video, she uses the Atlas Line, the Trade Scalper and a couple other strategies we offer.


  • jason says:

    i’d be curious to know which she recommends or prefers… atlas line or power price action dvd course. i like both cant decide. e-mini trading

  • bryant says:

    queen elizabeth? hehe j/k
    it’s always such a nice surprise to see when women day trade – my wife has been itching to join w/ me but i tell her shes 2 emotional for day trading – although she has killer instinct…

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