New Group Mentorship Class Starts Dec. 3, 2019

New Group Mentorship Class

A new Group Mentorship class begins Dec. 3, 2019. Eight weeks of live training will teach you everything you need to know to successfully trade futures and currencies. All courses and software are included with full, non-expiring licenses. This new session has classes twice each week.

We expect this new session to fill up quickly. It’s a good idea to reserve your seat as soon as possible.

Click here to submit your $500 deposit. This deposit secures your seat and provides you with the first week’s materials ahead of time. You’ll be able to receive the ATO 2 course and software for NinjaTrader right away!

What’s included?
• Live coaching
• Atlas Line® software
• Roadmap method
• Blueprint method (as taught in Power Price Action)
• X-5 method (as taught in the Floor Trader Secrets Manual)
• At the Open 2 (ATO 2) Course
• Trade Scalper Course
• Price Action Scalping Course
• ABC Pattern
• How to Filter Trades
• How to Trade the News
• How to Set Up Your Charts
• How Manipulation Works

…plus much more!

See real Mentorship Program reviews written by students


  • John Paul says:

    The benefits of the day trading mentorship programme is that it includes 10 different day trading strategies and all software and courses that we have. So you will get unique strategies that are not available to others.

  • shellie says:

    Hi JP, I’m just deciding between purchasing one indicator for the moment, or jumping straight into the mentorship. What would be the benefits of doing the whole mentorship, over the purchase the one indicator and training on how to use it?
    Also, do your indicators work well on NT7 as that is what I am using now.
    Thanks and have a wonderful Christmas.

  • John Paul says:

    Hi Rob, Yes this is the same Mentorship class.

  • Robert says:

    is this the same class as you offered here?

    just wanted to make sure it’s the same program before signing up.

  • John Paul says:

    Yes, we’ve had quite a few Australian clients including students I currently teach in the Mentorship Program. It is important to first practice our strategies so you feel completely comfortable before trading with real funds or changing careers. If you’d like to find out more about our courses and different options, please email us at

    Thank you,


  • con says:

    hello from Australia a couple of questions John I run a full time business and I live in Australia is my investment of time and money with you worth my while thank you

  • Richard says:

    I love you guys! Your the best.

  • Damion says:

    Vids are very good, Cant wait to try the Atlas line, Price action is the way to go…Nothing els matter..

  • xavier gomez says:

    i enrolled today jp! so excited. thx for all the info n help

    and nice free indicators u giving i like it!

    will see u soon in class

  • John Paul says:

    Great, Make sure you sign up for a free ninja trade trial to be able to practice and get accustomed to the methods.

  • John Paul says:

    Hello Xavier,
    You will be receiving by email all the information and details on the program including the 8 week syllabus which outlines what to expect each week of the training.
    Regards, JP

  • xavier gomez says:

    am interestd in joining plz email price and link thanks

  • vern says:

    signed up today!
    got my first course material already and am looking forward to class starting next week.
    I still have to get ninja but very anxious to start learning…

    Thanks guys,

  • byron says:

    i work full time and can not attend live classes so i will only follow thru the 8 weeks by watching the recordings. anyone did this before like that?

  • juasu l says:

    looking for best way to learn how to day trade
    mentorship i see nice reviews every where
    will look to pay fee on credit card if ok

  • saul says:

    A word of advice: SIGN UP. This program helped me get my day trading career off the ground, and my life is now everything I’ve always wanted it to be. Day trading futures using the DTTW methods is where it’s at.

  • bob says:

    after trading with a lot of indicators i have been finding out price action is the way to go,however i have fallen into some bad trading habits,how will your course help me eliminate these areas?

  • Nathan Mills (west coast "nate") says:

    I finished up my mentorship with John Paul back in January.
    His very detailed instructions on how to use Atlas Line, ATO trade, Road Map trade, Blue Print Trade etc. are a must.

    My trading career is fresh out of the gate & DTW mentorship program gave me an unfair advantage/head start.

    Two thumbs up.


  • Anna K says:

    Hey JP 🙂 I’m back again! (Anna from CA)
    If your ATO and Atlas Line are any indication to what you offer in the Mentorship then I AM IN…
    I actually know 2 other people that are interested too so if this session starting March 22 is filled up we’ll put our deposits on for the next one.
    You’re great and your staff too, love you guys!
    ALL the best…

  • harry says:

    i would like to join the mentorship program to become a full time trader and be able to leave my day job
    i like your video referals that are on your website

  • tradesRus says:

    you guys are missing out! only couple 2 weeks into this session and my trading has already been completely changed around!

  • Fred H says:

    I missed this session. I will look forward to starting the next one in March? I have been saving my money anxiously to get into this. Please update Blog with next session details.


  • heng says:

    will find out if this is great

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