First Atlas Line Trade Up 2.75 Points on E-Mini

Today’s first Atlas Line trade was Long Pullback with a target of 2.75 points (11 ticks). We entered at 1181.50. After a short time lapse, we were filled at our exact profit target of 1184.25. Yesterday (September 6, 2011), was another great day on the ES (E-Mini S&P futures). Atlas Line users saw several long signals prior to a long, bullish trend that consumed most of the day. This trend allowed for numerous Strength and Pullback trades. If you took advantage of each setup, you probably made an easy 10 points. Determining where to place profit targets, stops, identifying setups, and other tricks of the trade are taught in the live training session that’s included with purchase.

This Friday, we’re having a free webinar where you can come ask questions and observe the Atlas Line plot in real-time.
When: Friday, September 9 at 10:00 a.m. US/Eastern.
Room Link:


  • charlie xiang says:

    terrific trading methodolgies sirs!! i want atlas and power price dvd package to learn how to day trade futures in the mornings 2 points a day

  • mike says:

    really enjoyed today’s trading webinar thanks for the learning experience!

  • mary says:

    JP, terrific trading informatives as always thanks! simply fantastic, love it.

  • hank trading futures says:

    i forgot my members only access to watch the training videos please email me the login again. still day trading futures with the atlas line + atr it’s been almost 6 months now but wanted to view the video to refresh on a few things thanx!

    hank jarvis

  • tom says:

    hi daytradingtowin tom new customer here wanted to confirm the trades i had with the atlas line since last week. i emailed my spread-sheet. so far very impressed and happy thanks for all.

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