E-Mini S&P Long and Short Trades with Atlas Line

Here’s a quick video of today’s price action on the E-Mini S&P. Using the Atlas Line, our long trade was good for 3 points (1324 to 1327), as recommended by the “Dbl Bar Long” signal. We decided how many points to go for based on the ATR (which indicated about 2.5).

Once price crossed the Atlas Line, a short signal was generated at 1321.75. We confidentally stayed short because price wasn’t approaching the Atlas Line. Also, no further order signals were generated.

Atlas Line customers are taught how to use the ATR and the Atlas Line together, so you know your targets and when to get out.


  • octagonforce says:

    Would like to see more eSignal charts. NinjaTrader is good, but I already have an eSig account. Anyway, looking forward to attending an upcoming webinar. Please be ready to demo eSignal though – I’ll be asking!

  • timothy c says:

    Nice – I don’t get tired of seeing these trades. Seems like you have winners just about every day. Hopefully you’re still running the promotion…

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